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Since 1997 All Media Internet Marketing Strategies has been creating, launching, reinventing and maintaining high performace platforms. All Media Internet Marketing Strategies is a full service internet provider  we can help you establish your first place on the internet via domain registration, hosting plans, logo creation and branding… ( we create the digital you! ) or reinvent your under-performing website to be your number one lead generator. We are your team! We are creative, collaborative, fun and successful!

All Media Internet Martketing Startegies gains top search returns for their clientsOn average Google search sends out 500 – 600 updates a calendar year. Most are un-announced. In the final quarter of 2014 alone, Google made 3 major updates that changed their search algorithm in an unprecedented way. The largest of these was applied in November 2014, those websites not paying attention to the changes now required to achieve a top spot in Google returns often found their sites experienced dramatic drops in traffic. In some cases they even dropped off the first page returns. With new rules come new tools and strategies. Keyword stuffing and paid back-links will no longer provide the wings your site needs to rise to the top. We offer a free web site visibility audit and social review as a starting point for any new engagement, where do you stack up?

All Media Internet Marketing Strategies offer data driven results. We can improve your sites visibility, user engagement and scale your business. We dedicated ourselves not only to staying in front of the rapid waves of updates but more importantly on advising our clients when and how to best apply the new site design and refinement standards in relationship to their business. We closely review analytic data for trends both good bad as well as apply our proven set of tools to gaining top page returns not just in local search but national ranking. All this equates to improved traffic. No small task as the 2014 year saw dramatic and collateral changes to the behavior required by online platforms.

search do not look beyond page oneA sample of over 8 million clicks shows that over 94% of users clicked on a first page result and less than 6% actually clicking to the second page and selecting a result displayed there.  One of the biggest drop off’s is between the 10 spot (bottom of the first page) and the 11 spot (top of the second page) from 2.71% down to 1.11%. That’s a 143% dip from one position to the next.

A full 70% of users choose from organic search results. What page do you come in on?


Here’s how All Media Internet Marketing Strategies build brands

Here’s how All Media Internet Marketing Strategies build brands


In 2012 alone, 51 million websites opened their doors on the web. That potential means 100 million pages jamming up the internet and ultimately making visibility a universal problem for business large and small. What steps are you taking to attain your primary goal – getting in front of your consumer?

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What is Search Engine Optimization.? In simple terms it’s a multi–faceted strategy for getting your website top placement in search returns organically. Top returns are achieved using a powerful combination of content marketing, technical compliance, inbound marketing and social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing

20% of consumers are on Social Media daily. Over 32,000 searches are performed daily. Your (ROI) return on investment from Social Media can be huge with the right strategy. Knowing how to use facebook, twitter, Pinterest, youtube and linked in as lead generators converts followers to customers 24/7.

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All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Testimonials

mike fisher construction designed and serviced by all media internet marketing strategies
“All Media is the best they have given me a great start on pulling all my media, web and advertising together. So many idea’s and constantly working on improving my miss mash mesh that others had left me with.
Thanks You!!!”
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher Construction LLC.
bon bon candies designed and serviced by all media internet marketing strategies
“All Media has been working with me for eight years and I can’t thank them enough for they’re amazing customer service and products. They set up my current web site and were a huge help with photography, copy and suggestions in making my web site the best it can be. I feel like they’re pricing is more than fair and they have become a team member in helping my business.”
Lisa Wangen
Bon Bon Enterprises, Inc.