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All Media Internet Marketing is located on beautiful Bainbridge Island

All Media Internet Marketing Strategies is located on beautiful Bainbridge Island. Since 1997 our creative and talented group has been creating, launching and reinventing online presence for our clients. Whether the goal is helping you find your place on the net via domain registration, hosting plans, logo creation and branding… ( we create the digital you! ) or refreshing the old you thru website revitalization, search engine optimization and social media marketing plans. We are your team! We are creative, collaborative, fun and successful!

A sample of over 8 million clicks shows that over 94% of users clicked on a first page result and less than 6% actually clicking to the second page and selecting a result displayed there.  One of the biggest drop off’s is between the 10 spot (bottom of the first page) and the 11 spot (top of the second page) from 2.71% down to 1.11%. That’s a 143% dip from one position to the next.

Over the course of 2014 we at AllMedia became laser focused on visibility, user engagement and human centered design. This means we dedicated ourselves not only to staying in front of the rapid waves of updates but more importantly on advising our clients when and how to best apply the new site design and refinement standards in relationship to their business. We closely review analytic data for trends both good bad as well as apply our proven set of tools to gaining top page returns not just in local search but national ranking. All this equates to improved traffic. No small task as the 2014 year saw dramatic and collateral changes to the behavior required by online platforms.

In the final quarter of 2014 alone, Google made 3 major updates that changed their search algorithm in an unprecedented way. The largest of these was applied in November 2014, those websites not paying attention to the changes now required to achieve a top spot in Google returns often found their sites experienced dramatic drops in traffic. In some cases they even dropped off the first page returns
With new rules come new tools. We have developed a very effective new set of optimization tools that allow us to bring our clients sites into compliance and monitor the results on an ongoing basis.

SEO… what does it mean?

Search Engine Optimization“. HUH? When website design first came to pass the emphasis was heavy on design and eye catchy flashy stuff. The avalanche of fun and easy software inventions that soon followed made it possible for the professional and the novice to create sites with various degrees of success. These elements certainly satisfied the eye but failed to make the leap to actual marketing.Putting your site in front of the largest amount of potential clients is work. It is a mindful combination of words on your page and site submissions.Step one is to determine your audience. Next using keyword analysis determine what search result you would like to become the top result for. Critical attention needs to be paid to word selection. I can’t say enough about that …WORDS. The internet does not read pictures. Take a good hard look at any website, now remove the images…what is left? Those words are how you tell an internet search engine what you have to offer.Just simply creating the site is not enough. Placement of your site to be found should start from the day your register your url. Although we have been working all these frontiers for years as part of site development most companies still stop at standard design and launch.All our sites launch with a free e-blast announcement as well as SEO browser placement (MSN, Google and Yahoo) The diversity of our clientele is clear from our portfolio (see now). One look and you will see that we not only create well built websites but continue to support a and grow with our clients. We are constantly watching the industry to ensure our clients stay up to date and on the cutting edge.For those of you in Kitsap County or near our Portland office we would love to meet face to face to discuss how our goods and services can help you meet your internet goals.Brain storm, Create, Animate your Online PresenceWe like to say a good website is:

  1. A strong design that re-enforces your brand to the public.
  2. Seamless site architecture… no over the top tricks that load slow (tic tic!) and show how great a designers we are but not what great a product you have!
  3. Strong SEO techniques to raise you to the top of the heap in your target search query.

Social Media … probably the most over used term of the past two years!

A few years ago I would suggest the use of free platforms like Facebook and Linked in or blogs to my clients. Any free platform to disperse information about yourself or your product on the internet was worth the cost of the time investment. At the time my advice fell on deaf ears.Today potential clients start most conversations with “Do you do Facebook” as though it is some magic ride to success. It is still free but, to utilize the platform to it’s fullest potential requires work.In addition to initiation of a Social Media platform like Facebook or twitter we offer monthly maintenance package to keep the platform alive. The internet is is goal oriented to return the most current and relevant information to a searchers query. The best results for any online platform can only be achieved when you realize that activity creates interest and static sites do nothing but sink. Make sure that your site is working as hard as you are. Make it a goal to have more than an online brochure and you will reap the rewards.