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All Media Internet Marketing Strategies helps individuals and groups address the universal need to define their brand into a REPUTATION. A highly defined reputation can be delivered to a target audience and enjoy a high return on investment. In today’s digital marketplace the need to stand out from your competition is greater than ever before. In a crowded channel, narrowing makes you standout. 

Imagine you walk into the grocery store to purchase baby food. Arriving at the isle of curated choices what makes you reach for one brand over the other? For some, it is simply the price. For most of us, it has a lot to-do with having been pre-sold to select a brand. When the time came to fill the need we reach for the product we believe we trust, others buy, and were will to pay asking price for… so we think we see VALUE.

So let me ask you this, why pick Johnson baby shampoo over the one just next to it on the shelf? One word. REPUTATION. Even before we needed to purchase their products Johnson & Johnson has invested in the daily drip idea that when we need them for high quality, trustworthy products for our baby they will be there to fill your need. You can count on them.

All Media is here to support you or your company in the hard work of defining your message, crafting a lane for delivery of your message, and finally knowing when and how to make an offer.

Your message is your superpower.

At All Media, we specialize in the delivery systems for your message.

All Media Tools of Engagement:
WordPress, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Mailchimp, and Canva. Selecting just the right combination of these tools will allow you to build your unique recipe for success.

  1. The first step is to identify your unique space in the channel. Brand building is performed at every level of your business. Identifying who you are talking to will create a buyers profile for your brand that steers every decision you or your team makes.
  2. Next, you need to identify where your target audience for your message spends time and learn to use the tools of engagement to show up there authenticly with value to build trust.
  3. Finally, learn how to craft the three phases of an offer. Not all locations are having the same conversation. The consumer using Google search is often looking for a local solution. The people you share time with on social platforms are likely there to share a passion not be sold to and finally, the people on your mailing list are likely to be or have become your brand ambassadors.

Where to start: At All Media, we believe everyone needs a platform on the internet. However, for some of you, the need is less complicated. If you have yet to launch a website for your brand. consider claiming a free website from Google My Business.

Have a reason to develop a website? All Media offers basic need setup services at a competitive rate. Just starting out and in need of domain registration, hosting, branded email,  All Media can help you establish your first place on the internet. We can help you launch the digital you. We bring the benefit of a decade of real-world success to your new venture.

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More often than not our clients are not newbies, in fact, most are hard-working warriors who have been successful enough that they need not have asked for help. Honestly, until social media began reinventing how we sell, most business owners where content to slug it out alone. By now most have launched or paid for a website, touched on at least one form of social media (likely Facebook) and maybe even carried out a direct mail campaign or two. A major accomplishment by any standard. However, taking an endeavor to the next level online requires staying abreast of the ever-changing landscape. Being the visionary for your company often means finding the right team members to support your goals.

All Media offers two roads to success. Offer One: All Media performs a full evaluation of your current marketing journey resulting in the creation of a highly curated road map to improve your results and successfully growing your brand. Next, you have two options: 1-We train you or your team (consultant/educate) 2-We manage the monthly strategy on retainer

All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Testimonials

mike fisher construction designed and serviced by all media internet marketing strategies
“All Media is the best they have given me a great start on pulling all my media, web and advertising together. So many ideas’s and constantly working on improving my miss mash mesh that others had left me with.
Thank You!!!”
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher Construction LLC.
bon bon candies designed and serviced by all media internet marketing strategies
“All Media has been working with me for eight years and I can’t thank them enough for they’re amazing customer service and products. They set up my current website and were a huge help with photography, copy and suggestions in making my website the best it can be. I feel like they’re pricing is more than fair and they have become a team member in helping my business.”
Lisa Wangen
Bon Bon Enterprises, Inc.