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facebook trends 2016

10 New Facebook Features for 2016

As is the case for every yearly turn of the calendar, new things are on the horizon.

In the case of our friends at Facebook, here are the top ten offerings.

1. Facebook Live Video (for all)
2. Facebook Professional Services
3. Facebook at Work
4. Improved Search
5. Uber/Lyft integration Through Facebook Messenger
6. Facebook Shopping Tab
7. Instant Articles
8. Events
9. Non-profit crowdfunding
10. Music Stories

Here is a great article I found and the source of for my list.

At first glance, it is easy to get lost in the sheer wonder of it all. You  might even find yourself giving a thumbs up to Facebook and it’s team and their ability to think up things you didn’t even know you wanted. Be sure to understand the significance of becoming a citizen in Facebook land. You will shortly find no reason to leave. Facebook is poised to become the top search engine for goods and services. As of October 2015 they not only allows general search returns to populate their pages, they are their own search engine. Previous to October 2015 they had a contract with Bing for search returns. Facebook is no longer defined by the term social media site it’s a new thing I call a digital society.


Food for thought.