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Todays post comes from I cannot tell you how often I get called on the table for grammar. I am always looking for ways to reduce my mistakes. I found this chart and the subsequent list and thought I would share.

15 most commonly misspelled words

1: Their–confusion may come from “thief”.
2: A lot–“alot” isn’t a word.
3: Received–there’s that “I” and “E” again.
4: Separate–confusion is probably caused by the pronunciation.
5: Until–one “L”: “Till the earth until it’s ready.”
6: Because–“A” and “U” are commonly swapped.
7: Beginning–two “Ns”.
8: Different–spoken, the first “E” isn’t enunciated, so it’s often left out.
9: Occurred–two “Cs”, two “Rs”.
10: Believe–it actually follows the old rule.
11: Behavior–no “U” for American spelling.
12: Which–don’t forget that first “H”.
13: Truly–“true” loses its “E” when adding “ly”, but–
14: Really–“real” gains an “L”.
15: Definitely–an “A” often sneaks in.
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