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Want to know 2016 SEO to do list?

So we are in 2016 now, yes I know it’s really late no better time for 2016 SEO help. Happy New Year anyway. So 2016 is the year that Google’s lil bot is going to become more self aware. They have real time update, which means the robot will become smarter as the year goes on. Didn’t we see that movie? So SEO in 2016 is going to be a bit of a challenge. There is going to be things you should be doing, then things you will need to change later on down the road.

That’s why I keep screaming about watching your Analytics. If you are not, 2016 and your SEO are going to be bad for you. So I am going to tell you some things to do, starting today, to make sure your 2016 SEO campaign works to your advantage.

Win the 2016 SEO race

2016 SEO Top 10

1. Your Web Site is data source, start thinking like that. Google loves data, it uses that data source to answer searchers are looking for.
2. If you are linking to another site make sure it’s a quality site. I cannot stress that enough, quality link checks are being performed without warning. Do your research.
3. ORGANIC TRAFFIC FIRST. You need to make sure your content is ranking in search first. Blogging, Keyword research is a major factor in 2016 SEO workings. I am so not kidding anymore.
4. High quality, relevant content. STAY ON TOPIC. Your keywords need to match your message.
5. You have customer reviews, use them. But, use them wisely. Nobody likes gloating.
6. Blog comments need to happen. Start a conversation and use that to continue the blog.
7. Explore Guest Blogging. It won’t hurt to post on another site.
8. Social Networking. USE IT. Facebook and Twitter can be used for customer service very easily and quickly.
9. WATCH YOUR ANALYTICS. For the love of blogging do that. You won’t know what is working if you are not watching your traffic.
10. Google your business. See who is above you and do a comparison with your site. There are tools out there to do that.

This is not a one and done thing. I never EVER said that it would. SEO is a constant exercise, no not your resolution that never happened. If you stop doing SEO for any of your site you will drop in rankings. There is someone right behind you trying to beat you. I cannot make it anymore simple than that. So lets get the 2016 SEO season rolling.

If you have comments about this list leave it below. Need some help contact me and we can talk about it.