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“A” is for Analytics – An in depth look at this term from my marketing glossary

A is for Analytics

Last winter, I was a guest speaker at an online event where the host asked us, ” What one thing do you do no matter what to start your business day?” I stated that I live and die by the data, which is true. I review the data provided by Analytics for all my clients on multiple platforms every morning without fail. I look to see the results of my ongoing efforts before making a new move for the day.

This behavior is also how I prepare for new or potential clients. I get up to speed for any consult by researching my analytic data platforms to learn how successful the brand has been so far. My insight on their success and failures by the numbers cements my value and expertise in their mind. 

I genuinely believe there is not a better time than now to make a living from your passions. Today’s marketing tools empowered by real-time data analysis allow the small guy to be equally effective and successful as the big guy in the channel. This video highlights four online data platforms that provide valuable analysis designed to shorten your learning curve and drive your decision-making. Ultimately the data-driven results can prove your strategy to be a success to your client. In this video, I spotlight four accessible locations I believe everyone should monitor daily to allow sound decision-making. I don’t cover Google Analytics in this shortlist of four analytic tools because I want to think no one who built a website to represent their brand would neglect to review the traffic daily.

Here is the online definition of ANALYTICS.

Analytics: The analysis of quantitative data to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have, which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline).

Qualitative data is collected using questionnaires, interviews, or observation—most of us with websites associate Analytics with Google Analytics. However, as a marketing professional who lives and dies by the data, I would like to open your eyes to where else you could gain valuable data about your competition or your self for that matter, beyond Google Analytics.

Here are links to the four tools mentioned in this video:

Fb Ads Library:

GMB Insights:

Fb Ads Manager:

Next up, “B” is for Buyers Profile

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