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A successful Modern Merchant uses Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Costs Less

Traditional marketing campaigns, including print and television, are more costly because of pricey resources and the difficulty of tracking ROI. Digital marketing uses targeted research and analytics to quickly determine which approaches are working well and which aren’t worth the cost or resources. So, most digital marketing channels tend to be less costly from the start and prevent overspending on underperforming campaigns.

There is no better time than now to be in business – Small Businesses are More Competitive.

Digital marketing closes much of the gap between large, medium, and small companies because it avails each level with many of the same resources. While big companies with larger budgets can spend more on paid ads and advanced software, digital marketing gives the little guy more opportunities to compete, improve brand awareness, and build an audience. Digital tools allow almost zero barriers to understanding your consumer’s needs and delivering a highly intuitive, customized solution.

Mobile Marketing Increases Engagement The smartphone is the remote control of our modern lives.

 According to Global Web Index, more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 90% of the time spent on their smartphone is devoted to apps. Mobile marketing—from email and social ad design allows you to reach users in their most native environment. Digital marketplaces have led customers and buyers to expect individual, personalized attention. Digital marketing eliminates the old “one size fits all” approach to marketing by giving companies better insight into segmentation. Using results from customer behavior tracking to personalize outreach creates the ideal customer experience. A better customer experience means increased trustworthiness and loyalty, more closed accounts, and a growing team of brand advocates.

Today the path to success is through a solid digital marketing strategy. Providing higher ROI and more data to inform better decisions builds customer trust.

The number one reason why businesses fail is there’s no market need. (CBInsights) Harsh but true.