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Website Creation-Brand Revitalization-with a focus on Visibility


With 97% of search taking place in Google Search and 63% of shopping beginning online it is imperative that every business understands the buyer is in charge when it comes to the purchasing journey. This means that no matter where customers are finally making the purchase (online or in a brick-and-mortar store), their customer journey is starting online.

Showing up in the right location is key.

All Media helps clients take a critical look at their current marketing activities. Then create a highly curated road map to improving your results. Moving forward with clarity, allows for benchmarks to be set when it comes to building sales, and a following. 

All Media Tools of Engagement

All Media expands your brand through increased visibility (Inbound Marketing). Unlike sales, Inbound marketing uses a core set of tools to bring the consumer to you. We offer data-driven results, consultations are free and allow us the opportunity to serve you best by developing a project just for your needs. 

Don’t follow the crowd begging for attention, bring the crowd to you through highly targeted objectives made possible through the strategic use of these tools:

WordPress Websites, SEO, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Sales Funnels, Youtube.

All Media offers individuals and groups an opportunity to evaluate any or all of these mostly FREE tools as they relate to your current hopes and dreams. Know where to put your limited time and resources to gain optimal results.

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Let’s explore the Tools of Engagement starting with the website.

At All Media, we believe every entity needs to claim a space online. However, not all entities need to build their own website for a  successful online presence. Knowing whether claiming your free website from Google My Business is the right choice or to work with us to create a fully custom website is the first step.

Once the decision has been made to build a website the design should be user-friendly,  as well as high impact. All Media believes every successful website project starts with WordPress. No matter how big your dream WordPress offers an original design and customized solutions to ensure your web site is clean, eye-catching and appealing to your customer. We work hard to make sure your web site continues to benefit your company and engage your visitors. 

Featured snippet from the web:
Considering that the number of total active websites is estimated at over 1.3 billion according to a survey published by Netcraft, that means that around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now, which means that around 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, which is still huge. Dec 12, 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Any website created to compete in search for leads or sales should have a strong and ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to ensure the pages of the website achieve the best possible rankings by the search engines. All Media optimizes every page built to ensure Google crawls and caches the content then follows the results in realtime to ensure your pages and ultimately your brand gains increased traffic through better visibility by your key audience. 

However, SEO is not a one-time service and should be seen as an ongoing marketing strategy. Why? Google makes over 500 tweaks to its algorithm every year–that’s more than one per day!

As your business evolves, so will your online presence. We recommended you revisit your keyword strategy on a quarterly basis and at least 3 – 6 months before any campaign or promotions.

All Media specializes in traffic. If you have an existing website and have never had an outside review of your strategy we invite you to reach out for a free site review. We offer data-driven results, consultations are free. 

Instagram and Facebook (Online Communities)

Learn how to use facebook and instagram to grow your business Where a person encounters your brand 100% sets the tone of the engagement. Knowing that the person in the act of searching on Google is not looking for the same response as someone engaging with your posts on Facebook or Instagram is a key concept to understand.

A Google searcher is likely in the act of looking for something he knows exists. Research. Price comparison. Reviews. Social Media posts show up in our lives unexpectedly. Social Media content propelled by data insights and the right level of frequency can result in a brand moving from a cold visitor to a warm offer and finally trust by a transaction. Although there are 7 platforms heavily trafficked by digital audiences today Facebook still reigns supreme. Every successful marketing plan should include identifying where your core audience spends time online and how to be of service there.

Facebook Ads

Learn how to use facebook and instagram to grow your businessFacebook is the 500-pound gorilla and with the acquisition of Instagram to the Facebook brand, almost no business or brand is immune to the need for understanding and utilizing the opportunity presented by Facebook ads. Performed with skill Facebook ads can bring a remarkable return on investment. Armed with training and an objective that can be matched to a target audience Facebook Ads not only work but they are currently highly undervalued. 

Learn how to use facebook ads to grow your businessGoogle My Business

Fact: Google owns 97% of search. Google owns Google My Business. As of 2020 and the rollout of the BERT update to Google’s Search Engine Algorithm now offers Google My Business accounts as the top answer to search queries.

This free account is the most important location to claim and utilize on the internet for every brand, business or profession.

At All Media we know the smaller your workforce the more hats each person wears daily. In cases where you are the sole proprietor we suggest learning to master just four strategies:

1-Google My Business account (potentially the free web page)
2-A social media account (likely Facebook)
3-A website of your own (targeting the user experience in a highly curated way)

Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to grow your businessGoogle is a business. It is in the business of building out a highly detailed profile on every user by tracking our every move online. To pay for the enormous undertaking of that behavior they offer to share a portion of that collected data with you. One could certainly argue that using this data to build your business would be invaluable. In fact, Google believes you to be foolish for not allowing the engagement to happen in the first place an actually dings you when you don’t place a tracker on your webpages. Conversely, you get rewarded when you do.

All Media believes in the daily practice of reviewing your Google Analytics reports. UNTIL YOU REVIEW THE DATA YOUR JUST GUESSING. Installing a Google tracker on your pages will not only provide insights in the form of traffic location, age, gender, online activities, and even psychographics of your visitors. It will improve your standing with Google when they crawl your pages.


Email marketing offers one of the highest returns on investments when done with skill. At All Media, we recommend Mailchimp over its competitor Constant Contact for reasons ranging from fees to easy of use and mobile readiness. Unlike any other form of marketing. Once permission is granted readers are likely to respond positively and with the type of trust that allows for an offer to be made. 

Sales Funnels

If you are in the business of business online you are likely to have come across an offer to sell, share or show you how to create a sales funnel. Although vendors imply that a sales funnel is a ubiquitous tool. They are not a one size fits all.

In theory, almost every page online is a potential sales funnel. A page with an offer and a way to claim the offer is a sales funnel. The reader need only follow the “Call to Action” button to the next location for the funnel to have done its job. In today’s tool kit one of the most powerful funnels you can create is via a Mailchimp newsletter. Upon reading your content in their inbox any action they take will be monitored by Mailchimp to create a report for you to assess the success of your campaign. Simply getting a reader to click over and read more is as successful as getting them to click buy now. All actions are the sales funnel at work. 


Learn how to use you tube to grow your businessIs YouTube bigger than Google?

Google owns YouTube, so YouTube will never actually be bigger than Google simply because as YouTube grows, so does Google. That being said, if you’re talking about pure usage, Google is definitely bigger. For example, on average, YouTube had 63 million daily viewers worldwide in 2018. 

YouTube is a behemoth when it comes to search. Youtube has nothing but growth to look forward to. With video becoming the preferred method of engagement – every platform is adopting video.

Like Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, Google’s acquisition fo YouTube is likely an effort to grow the fertile platform from experience gained. Youtube is the only location of its kind where you find men 18 – 35 logging on every day. However due to the fact that search and consume videos without signing in means the real value of YouTube is likely to always be undervalued.