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87% of consumers begin their search for goods and services online. Today’s consumer researches everything!

47% of consumers are looking for a local answer.


To rise to the top you need a multi-faceted approach of content-rich engagement on these 5 fronts:

1-Build your website or store on WordPress 

At All Media we only build WordPress websites. WordPress has great bones, user friendly and almost limitless when it comes to apps that expand it’s power. As of 2016 more than 23% of all platforms on the internet run on WordPress.
who uses wordpress

WordPress is designed to make content management easy. Our team now offers the seamless integration of Elementor for seamless and elevated editing tools.  Clients can engage with their WordPress websites with unprecedented ease.  WordPress comes out of the box with the most powerful content creation tool on the internet. A blog. While most website pages remain static and broad to speak initially to a larger audience a blog allows for smaller shareable entries that build your brand as a resource in your industry. Blog posts are meant to be shared and over time develop into a resource library visitors can come to count on which means return visitors.

Craft good supporting pages ex: home, about, services, contact. There is no real absolute formula here for success however, there are benchmarks:

  • 1500+ word count
  • Meaningful title pages with meaningful subtitles. Making it easy for the visitor to scan the page quickly, unlike a brick and mortar store where a consumer has invested time and money to drive to your location and may potentially stick it out to find what they came for, an online visitor doesn’t instantly see what they are looking for they are off to the next site.
  • Written authentically with very little or no industry jargon/acronyms
  • Content is written for a reading level of a high school student
  • Grow brand awareness. Inform and educate the visitor. Offer value.
  • Create the most unique and interesting content you can. Wow, the visitor with your wealth of industry knowledge. Think about it this way, when searching for an answer would you prefer a resource that gives only the basics or an in-depth and detail-oriented wealth of knowledge?
  • More people click on organic returns than paid ads. You will have greater credibility than you could ever pay for if you take the time to provide a body of content that proves you’re the best choice.
  • The new Google Search environment elevates content that answers questions even above websites. No click results are the growing trend in search.  First-page search return results are often reduced down to 7 or fewer choices.

    Along with this reduction in first page opportunities, Google has raised the bar on the quality (your website pages are Google’s product). The competition is stiffer and Google’s benchmark for winning the first page has gotten tougher and stricter.

2- Blogging for Business. Build a relationship by positioning yourself as an expert. Include a blog on your WordPress website.

  • Blogging satisfies Google’s requirement that your online platform proves it is “alive and thriving”.  As the most online platforms will not change out their support pages on a regular basis, blogging allows for fresh regular content offerings to keep not only Google interested in what you have to say but your anonymous visitors who become loyal customers for the perceived value you put on providing the best content. It’s free! Old school marketing costs money. Today it is absolutely free to blog. Refrain from spending a cent until you have truly utilized the free stuff! The more content you generate the more pages Google has to index about you and your company. Bonus! The content has the potential to last forever as well as being shared, opening the door to customers you could never reach on your own for any amount of money.
  • Business’s that blog enjoy 70% more authentic backlinks, tend to receive two-thirds more visitors and have the wealth of more pages for Google to index and source to searchers. This puts your pages literally ahead of your completion and in front of the consumer.

3-Social authority-Build your brand for free! Social Media is it right for your business?

  • We believe everyone could and should master a social platform. Speaking to a follower is different than speaking to someone who found you in search. Followers have opted in to hear what you say. You don’t have to convert them and you can speak to them 24/7. Don’t be daunted by the idea of having to create content on an ongoing basis, be disciplined and creative. Your building a relationship here. Facebook allows you to create unlimited drafts and then unlimited scheduling for those drafts to publish over time. Once published Facebook offers insightful data on just how your doing. Over time you will learn to craft content that builds trust. Trust takes you from a cold offer to a warm offer…that cannot be bought only earned
  • Use your blog content as the lead in your social post. Use the breadcrumb (…) and read the full post on our website. This brings the lead to your website to see what else you have to offer. Always include a photo (33%) more looks than without.
  • Run a promotion, give away something of value in exchange for signing up. This builds your list for outbound marketing. Most social sites offer analytic reporting to help you become more successful. Social Media platforms are in the business of helping you build a wildly successful following. Your growing business is their growing business. 
  • Learn to run or hire us to run highly targeted ads designed to grow your following. (Cold Audience converted to warm audience). THE MOST efficient way to build out your buyer’s profile.
  • Don’t know what to write? Use Facebook as your customer engagement platform. Best Buy steers customers to their Facebook page for support, they answer questions in 20 minutes or less providing stellar customer service, brand awareness as well as info on new products, promotions, and services.
  • Don’t send people to your social pages if you don’t frequent them! Those of you who use templates beware! Need help removing the button? Hire someone!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Optimizing your pages is critical. Everything from keyword density to alt tags to title tags to site submissions is critical.
  • Hire an expert. All Media is a data-driven results company. Although true progress can take 60-90 days, it is measurable. Know your goals, create a strategy and adjust accordingly. Great SEO creates clues that allow search engines to crawl your pages and understand what your site is about.
  • Templates DO NOT auto-fill SEO! Many of you think building your own website is in your wheelhouse. With the bounty of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get ) platforms out there is easy to believe that you are not selling yourself short by doing your own website. However, setting yourself adrift in a beautiful boat won’t get you to shore… having an engine to propel you makes all the difference. Templates can provide you the necessary building blocks but they cannot propel your pages.
  • Coming in on the first page of a Google search return requires technical skill as well as effort. Coming in on the first page means coming in ahead of your completion. 88% of searchers choose organic results overpaid. Only 5% of searchers go beyond page one!

Website Analytics_Data Driven Results

  • All Media is a data-driven results company. Data comes from tracking, tracking is free in the form of Google analytics. Google will devalue your site if it finds no tracking software on your pages. Search Engines devalue your pages based on compliance. Google, Yahoo, and Bing to name the top three take the time to inform webmasters of their best practices. Choosing to disregard the suggestions is seen as a demerit.
  • You cannot hide from the numbers. Often clients affirm that they know all there is to know about their consumers. Analytics provides the trends, habits, age, and behavior of your visitors. Is your site mobile-ready? How many visits do you receive via a mobile device? What time of day is pee prospect time for your website? What is your conversion rate? Remember on the net your visitors could be from anywhere. Still, feel you have a solid handle on their behavior and needs?
  • Marketing is nothing if not an ongoing process of A/B testing. Floating any new idea, product, strategy or service out on the internet first allows for the least amount of financial risk. Keep adjusting until the results improve or the results kill a potentially costly and unsuccessful venture.
  • The bottom line analytics will provide evidence of value. Just as home improvements offer a return on investment so does your website. A website that’s brings leads to your door adds to your bottom line. Unlike brick and motor upgrades that can depreciate over time. Your website has the potential to grow your business beyond your doors bringing visitors you could never have reached with old school marketing tools.
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