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Are you ready for the Panda? Or any Google Updates? – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

So you have read about the Google Panda and Penguin, what you haven’t? if you need a quick refresher click here and then come back because there is a test after this. Seriously there is a test these Google Updates are no laughing matter when it comes to web visibility.

If you don’t go back to read about those and you have a web site and wondering why people are not visiting it too much anymore, why haven’t we talked yet!! Let me run down what’s been going on. First when you hear panda you think of those cute cuddly black and white puff balls sliding down the slides at zoo’s, playing in bamboo and leaves and basically warming your heart and soul. When I hear Panda I start looking at everyone’s web site stats to find out which one of you just got stomped on by a big bad bear that will, maybe I didn’t say it right, IT WILL KNOCK YOU OFF OF GOOGLE!

No one will find you, end of story. So you still think they are cute and cuddly? It has been more than 4 months since that beast sank it’s teeth into the web and web masters around the globe are waiting for it to come out. But there have been other changes to the way Google works, mainly in the search algorithm. Or the way you can search in Google. Then there have been a couple of changes for ecommerce searches and a tiny indexing change.  But no Bear.

So you’re saying, Eric why are you going on and ON AND ON about this, well it’s because the last time this happened a good chunk of sites tanked. Including this one. I mean no one could find them in Google at all. Oh, what about Bing and Yahoo, they are not the top dog and probably will never be. And when you say your going to search the web for something which search engine do you use? “I think I need to Google that” or “Just Google the answer” sound familiar.

So now your thinking what do I need to do protect myself from this, well the shameless plug sign up for our visibility audit for one, that way we can tell where we need to fix your site so that we can fix the issues from the first Panda which does take some time to get it back to where it was. Next is to scan your site for anything else is wrong with it. Because there a a lot more factors that keep your site above water now and the old way of thinking is not going to work anymore.

So get in contact with us and let’s find out your scores and go from there. But first you need to Google yourself and find out what page you come up on. Just type in your business name and hit search, are you on the first page? Are your Social Networks on the first page? If any of those are a no then Pandas are not cute anymore.