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Are you using templates and tools to lighten your workload?

Many creators share the idea that IF your brand has a true following on Instagram, a post a day will grow your following organically. Meaning no paid ad spend is required. Even embracing short-form video, which is 10 seconds or less, can make this task difficult for most of us. 
As a retained marketing professional, I can honestly share that my Tattoo and Fine Arts Profile is the only page I found this type of growth possible. The Artists share with me that they get DMs for appointments due to these short-form videos on Instagram. So I produce them. I do find this work fun which may surprise most of you due to my stance of NOT creating for Instagram but rather scheduling posts to publish there via my Facebook Planner seamlessly.  My bone to pick with Instagram is their sheer lack of “playing well with others.” None of the creative pieces of content are designed to share with ease. Crafting Reels, for instance, cannot be scheduled. I have a hack for this issue which I will share in another post. Still, it seems counter-productive to require more of a person’s time and oversight to be an active creator on the platform instead of making it easy for them to push out creative content easily and with a schedule.
Keep in mind that any social media platform’s only product is your content! Without you driving the platform with your time and talent, they would have NOTHING. Instagram, I believe more than any of the others, missed that memo.
We all understand that content is king. Embracing templates and tools can lighten the workload. If you find yourself suffering from blank page disease, learn to embrace the ideas of others. Templates, original soundtracks, and tools are readily available and, more often than not, FREE!
Sharing creative resources can not only help you, but it can also benefit the provider. Thousands of digital creators hope to be found and used in your work. It helps you, and supporting them helps build their dream as well. Sharing is caring. This is the promise of social media.
Found a great source for free inspiration?
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These are my two favorites right now. Note: when exporting from CapCut be sure to check the box that removes any TikTok watermarks, or the video will tank like a rock. NO platform will promote the competition’s products.