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The Best Times to Post

I start every morning the same way. I come in and check my data. It occurred to me there had to be a tip there.The first thing that came to mind was BEST TIME TO POST. Okay, BEST TIME TO POST on …?

I offer first this recent article  regarding the best times to post…

January 6, 2016 // 8:00 AM

The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn &
Other Social Media Sites [Infographic]

Written by Lindsay Kolowich  Read full article here:


The author took a great deal of time putting this together and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Action on the internet not supported by fact is intuition. Intuition does not a strategy make.
Adding data to your intuition or insights about your audience allows you to make an educated decision.
Getting to know your audience by age gender and behavior allows you to build a buyers/visitors profile.Every platform on the internet that you use offers data about your visitors.
Some like facebook even offer …you guessed it! The best day and time to make a post.
You can find this information under the insights/local tab on your business page.

That is my tip for the day. Go mine your data. Use it support your next action.

Support = Success!