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5-Basic needs for launching ANY online business

Here is the list of items needed to launch an online idea:

  1. A Domain name ($10-12.00 annually)
  2. Hosting account ($6-9.00 monthly for a single website – often discounted if paid annually)
  3. Email (Free with almost any hosting account)
  4. SSL certificate (Secure Server Lock )  When installing on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. At the time of this post moving into 2020, no website will be deemed secure without this protection. A website not utilizing an SSL certificate will result in a (Not Secure) warning to display in front of your website url for all visitors to see. All Media provides a free SSL certificate with all new builds as of 2019.

The title of this post is, “ 5-Basic needs for launching ANY online business.”  The top four listed are the nuts and bolts needed to stake your claim and get you launched.

           Number 5 is a plan.

Now a great many of you will be able to walk through numbers 1-4 on your own. Today’s market place is ripe with zero barrier entry platforms that allow you to have a great idea in the middle of the night and with a credit card and a computer you can launch your idea while no one is looking. HOWEVER, that becomes the real problem. No one’s looking.

Let me share a data point with you here, in 2018 consumers spent 130 billion dollars on gift cards annually with an actual number of 1 billion going unused. The same idea around domain names, a full one-third of domains owned go unused. I know clients who maintain ownership of literally hundreds of names with the idea of someday using them to launch their big idea. While in real-time they let the purchase languish content to pay to play later. Imagine the built-in revenue we as consumers are providing by buying without a plan. I hope this makes you angry enough to stop and ask for help with your plan.

As my business has evolved I have experienced a natural migration away from these basic services and into becoming the provider of NUMBER 5. A plan. I gave up on trying to dissuade a client from buying and launching willy-nilly and became highly successful at the tools of engagement.

Today I offer to meet clients where they are in the journey and assist them in selecting the right tools to build their brand. If they need a reset for website, domain, hosting or email I provide that service. If they have an investment with another provider and that investment is market priced I see no need to incur the cost of migrating their assets over to me.

Today to varying degrees of success many businesses’s now appear on the internet however I find that most are not successful because they see the internet as:

1-One and done (I have a site, it does nothing for me)
2-Not my cup of tea (As though we will all suddenly give up our smartphones and computers)
3-I don’t have time and I cannot be “Sales y.”

The shift I hope to highlight while connecting with potential clients is this. The market has changed. How we do business has changed and it is NEVER going back. Very little selling is going on via the internet. Today the internet has put the consumer fully in the driver’s seat when it comes to purchasing power. The market now favors sales by discovery. Aside from great SEO, your best tool is BRAND building. REPUTATION allows even the new guy to win at the cash register. You cannot spend a consumer into a purchase you can only earn it.

Think of it this way, imagine yourself in a grocery store aisle looking for baby food. What makes you select one brand over the other? To some degree its price. However, for most of us, the transaction has already happened via brand building (REPUTATION). We have been conditioned to reach for the product we know, trust, see others using and want for ourselves. Now imagine the supermarket isles have all gone away… today on the internet all brands are invisible. How do we as providers build our brands (REPUTATIONS) to ensure that consumers reach for us?

Number 5-The PLAN

Understanding the right tools for the job of building your brand (REPUTATION) online is my area of expertise.

Tools of Engagement for me and my team include:
Website creation-Wordpress
Cross-Platform Brand (Reputation) development
Search Engine Optimization
Google My Business
Google Analytics
Social Media
Social Media Ads
Video production

I enjoy working one to one – I am a fantastic coach!
I can be hired for group education events – I can train your sales staff or in house teams.
I also am always looking for the unicorn! Any entity that believes they have the next big idea but just don’t know how to build the plan, CALL ME! I back up all my plans with data to ensure you are able to understand the value I can bring to a project.

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