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What is a bot and why would I want to attract it’s attention?

Here is another offering geared to outlining a basic internet concept. What is a BOT, specifically a Google BOT.
This concept is important for understanding Google Search returns. Once you fully understand the index is compiled of page scans and captures taken at high speed by a bot, you can then easily see the need for page optimization and relevancy. This high-speed screen capture happens every 30 days which highlights the need for new fresh content and why content creation is KING. Failing to produce new and fresh content not only results  in the Google BOT passing you by but it screams to the internet audience you really have no expertise in your field.

Have you isolated what yo have to offer an audience that touches on your shared value? Engagement with a strategy will leave you exhausted and broke. Find the shared value you have with your consumer/audience and become the authority on it. Cranking out useful content fill allow Google to place you in front of your competition every time.

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