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BREAKING NEWS: BYE BYE Internet Explorer!!!! – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

The Internet can rejoice and web designers around the world can sing and dance on this St. Patrick’s day. That’s right kids Exploder is going away and it cannot be soon enough in my eyes. Some of you know that I get a dirty mouth when I hear “In my Internet Explorer it looks like crap but in Chrome it looks great.” And what do I say to you (well on the phone) I say stop using IE and your day will get better but in my head I am saying words that hurt the soul because it will not display your site right if it wanted to.

Just to back my facts, the Explorer team has been plugging holes in IE since February (the latest major update) that little update has 40 different vulnerabilities. I said 40. Want to do your banking in that? Yes at some points there are little fixes that we as web designers can do but, not everyone updates it or has updated it since Vista, oh stop laughing Mac users some of you do the same thing to me and it’s no different there either.

So just know that your IE will still be on your old computer but when Windows 10 comes out and you run out and get that new PC there will be no exploder and Project Spartan (the new current name) will take its place.

So what do you do now? Well you will still be able to use IE, maybe, but it will act the same even with these “little fixes” come out. But once they are done and Spartan comes out you might not be able to get the new one on your computer so get Chrome. Start importing your bookmarks in there. Be happy with your internet travels.

Oh Happy Day!!!