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Content SEO and Technical SEO do you understand how to apply them to your goals?

This post and video are on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have an excellent cornerstone page on my website that I update frequently. I encourage you to read to support your continuing education as a Modern Merchant.   

I mention in this recording that I was inspired to make a training module on search engine optimization when I came across a thread on one of my community pages on Facebook. The thread read: 

Hi Islanders. I’m hoping someone can refer me to a reasonably priced but effective SEO service for a small, local business. Thanks!

When I read this, my first thought was to wonder if this person understands what SEO is.  Search Engine Optimization comes in two forms, Technical SEO and Content SEO. Technical SEO can be farmed out to a trained team, but the content they optimize needs to originate from a trusted and knowledgeable source. Many clients hope it can be someone other than themselves, BUT the rub could be that person becomes the local trusted source for solutions over you. I can actually cite a real-life instance where the owner fretts over the employee seen in the videos generating the solutions is often mistaken for her and therefore sought out as the local trusted source!
Most, if not all, SEO specialists can perform the editing tasks to hitting the mark technically for word count, keywords, and H1 tags, and use a tool such as Rank Math to technically optimize a page, but Content SEO, the piece being optimized should come from you or your team. Anything generated by A.I. tools or a generic source will be seen as an inauthentic tone-deft piece. 
Content SEO provides an answer of value to a FAQ (frequently asked question) that your relevant audience asks. As we all know, solutions our target audience seeks are ever-changing, so a wise Modern Merchant does the work to stay atop of the most current frequently asked question searches in their channel. Learning to write your own content is the best way to win, even if you farm out the Technical SEO to an outside source. In this training module, I outline the two types of SEO, how to locate topics for your content that will connect you to your target audience for free, and one way to gauge the success if you decide to farm search engine optimization to an outside source.