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Did you get an e-mail from Domain Names of America?

First and foremost do not respond to the email and by no means DO NOT PAY ANYTHING to them. Also please send me or Tory a copy of it.

This is Domain Names of America is nothing more than a scam which is known as Domain Slamming. What they do is scare you into thinking your Domain Name is going to expire without paying them and if you pay them they will give you 5 years of hosting for a unreal price if you transfer your service to them. If you have web hosting through All Media, Go Daddy or some other hosting company then if you have not set up recurring billing you will get an email from them saying it’s time to renew your service. Otherwise the only time you will receive an email for any hosting company is a week or so before your billing occurs to remind you that it’s about to happen. Then you will receive an email receipt from them after they charge you.

First Domain Names of America will send you an email stating that your hosting service is going to expire really soon and your action is needed immediately. So if you pay them the amount stated they will give you 5 years of service and transfer your domain and files over to their servers to make sure your site never goes down. So when you pay them the said amount what they do is start the transfer process buy telling your current hosting company that they will be collecting everything and to point the domain name to them. Which in turn will shut your site down.

Since not everyone one knows this transferring domain names with your site files is not a quick process. And it takes action from both servers (that means human interaction on both ends) to start and complete the process. The whole process also takes 5-7 days depending on your two hosting companies. We at All Media Internet Marketing have had to deal with these guys a few times, it is not easy getting your money back and we spend a lot of time on the phone with our hosting techs to get this resolved when they do get someone to bite on their pitch. So please if you are not sure about the email regarding a change in service or requesting money for hosting either call or email Tory or Eric with your questions. We will be more than happy to clear any questions you have about that email.