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Did you know KEYWORD stuffing was DEAD?

As a daily activity, I pay attention to the evolution and best practices of Google as it relates to search. I make a living by staying attentive. At a recent round table discussion on content, the idea of KEYWORDS came up. I quickly realized that the group had an out of date impression of best practices around keywords. The old SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hack of inauthentically stuffing as many keywords into a piece of content to pick up as many eyeballs as possible around a word was, in the beginning, a highly embraced strategy.


Enter in 2020 with full saturation of the voice-activated search. The TOOLS  have taught us to chat with our assistants, Google, Siri, and Alexa. Chat as if we are asking a trusted friend for advice on everything from food purchases to medical advice.


We all want the benefit of a recommendation from someone we trust. This behavior means search has changed to conversational queries. Gone are the strategies of pounding keywords DENTIST DENTIST DENTIST into a piece of content to draw the attention of the search bots.


Conversational search queries require a HELPFUL response to be considered worth sharing to the Google masses. Google provides ample signals when it comes to best practices for winning in search returns. In this video, I touch on where you can find direction to empower your efforts if winning in search is a goal for your business.


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Here is a short video on the evolution of keywords for 2020.

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