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Do you know how your site is set up? – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

Seems like this the most common question we have to ask at All Media Bainbridge. This is also the biggest hassle for web designers. Since you are (and should be) the only paying for your web hosting, domain name and whatever web services it should be coming from one web hosting company. If it is not then something is really wrong. All major web hosting companies offer everything from hosting accounts to email accounts, so there is no reason that you have to pay 2 different web hosting bills. Then just like in other aspects of the business world sometimes your web designer will close shop, pick another line of work or just doesn’t want to do it anymore. So you need to find another web designer, this will then make life for your new web designer very difficult. On average it could take up to two weeks to figure out where everything is and then get all of the account log ins and move everything to one account to make life easier for everyone. And yes sometime during those two weeks your site will go offline along with your emails. Raise your hands if you can survive without your emails. I didn’t think so.

Now we get kind of technical with this topic, so if your website is scattered over a couple of web hosts you will not be able to get statistics and reports of visitors that go to your site. I know your asking why would I want to know statistics of visitors of my site. Do you sell anything on your web site? No you say well you are wrong. You do, even if you have a one page website you want people to know about your business, so if a shopping cart on your web site these statistics can help guide your SEO and keywords to get people to actually buy off your site. Since you are trying to get people to come to your site so you can earn money with your business, wouldn’t you think it would be wise to know how people are finding you? But if your site is in couple of different places your friend Google or Bing and Yahoo are not going to even try to put you in a place in the search engines. And if your designer is sending these reports 99.9999999% of that report is dead wrong. For the best results you need everything together with a strong SEO package sitting with it so that you can bring in the best traffic for your site.

So now you might be thinking how in the world I am going to find out if my site is in one hosting account. Easy ask your web designer, they work for you and what business can have an unhappy customer with this economy. Tell them you want to know where your being hosted , where your domain name is and most important who is the registered owner of the domain name. Then get your account log ins, which you should have had at the beginning, log in and you can see all the info in your account settings. All web hosts have one and it will tell you all the info there as well. But your web designer should also be telling you the same thing as the account says. If have questions or comments you can leave them down below or you can email Eric for help or questions.