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Use Facebooks free planner for post, and stories rather than a third party tool. It's FREE!

(Run time 8:50) As I walk in and out of the local storefronts in my small town, I am reminded of just how difficult it can be to carve out time to work on your business. I crafted this short video as a way to demonstrate how I cope successfully with publishing meaningful posts and stories for my clients. 


In years past many of us began looking for scheduling tools to lighten the load. Many of us paid for those third-party tools. I LOVE free tools and began to wonder just how many of you are using the FREE planner at FAcebook to craft posts and stories for Facebook and Instagram.


If you ascribe to my mindset, you are laser-focused on building your tribe on Facebook and casually ticking the box to send that content to Instagram. Here is how.


I close by pointing out that I do not use this planner to schedule Reels.  Reels are nativity performing best on Instagram, so I do the reverse regarding Reels. I publish those on Instagram and then share them as stories to my brand’s connected Facebook page.


These ideas will not only save you a ton of time but the planner can be used as a basecamp for your team’s ideas well as a way to review your paid social media consultants’ activities.


A final thought I do not touch on in the video is by originating your work inside the Facebook ecosphere, you continue to support an improved relationship with Facebook, which will bring you more organic visibility over time and even lower ad rates.


A win-win for everyone.