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Communicate DON’T decorate when it comes to header graphics on your website!

In my town, a stellar graphic designer lives on every corner. Land of a thousand talented people. This means I would often ask for advice on my layouts. The very best advice I ever received is, “Don’t decorate. Communicate.”

Ask yourself these 4 points:
1-Who am I 
2-What do I do
3-How does one claim my product/service
4-What happens if you don’t pick me?

In this short video, I show a sample graphic that could reside on the top of any website. It answers the 4 questions and it reads in the Z pattern which is how people read. The call to action button should ALWAYS be located top right and have an additional opportunity as the eye moves down the layout. On the way out – the “what happens if you don’t” appear as the final idea.

If you learn to boil your message down to these four points you will never confuse your audience. 

 More is just MORE. 

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