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Your content is VALUABLE!

As we roll into 2020 I am struck by the frequency of which I see vanilla. In mass, we as consumers have signed up to be represented by automation. Rather than focus our efforts on the opportunity to grow our prospects, we have doubled down on supporting the industry of content for sale.

I recently created a tutorial for my clients entitled, “ Anatomy of a Post”. My goal was to outline a diagram of the specific requirements needed to write a powerful post. Picture size, word count and frequency.

The big takeaway was the idea that every location online is requesting content from us. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others are all offering us visibility for our content. None of these locations are creating content they are creating opportunities. I support the idea of rationing our efforts to just the locations that make sense for your brand. Not all locations are created equal. 

Rather than seeing it as a burden I was hoping to highlight the idea that our content is a valuable product. Every location is hoping we will bring a home run to the table. Rather than use this to our advantage we often just populate the opportunity with vanilla content or content we farm out to a company or pull from a ubiquitous feed. 

I would like to encourage you to think differently. Your content has the capacity to push you past your competition. Positioning your self as a thought leader builds trust. Trust allows you to ask for the sale. CONSUMERS TODAY EXPECT VALUE NOT A SALES PITCH. 

There is truly not a lot of selling going on today, there is a lot of SELECTING.

 Every day for free you can craft a bit of great content and launch it to an awaiting audience for free! Whether they follow you home is up to you. Use your voice, show up in your marketing! The fastest way to stand out is to go NARROW! Highlight what makes you unique so your audience can find you. An EARNED audience doesn’t go away if your card expires.