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Free tool: Instagram Reels

Have you tried using Reels yet? Instagram provides a remarkable tool here as it allows even the novice access to the same tools and platforms as the more seasoned pros. As with most social media tools, access is free; results are what you take to make them. Current music, tagging, and cross-posting (publish to your Reels feed and your page simultaneously) are just a few details that make this tool so powerful. 

As we all understand that 85% of all content reviewed on the internet is the video everyone should be finding their voice in Reels. Bonus points Reels is the ONLY content on Instagram that is has a global reach beyond your followers. Reels are shown to viewers based on their interest, not just your connection to them. Get out there and have a little fun!

Remember: Marketing is not selling; it is building relationships.

Collateral changes are happening on Instagram. If your not mastering video, you may want to vacate the platform. Look for my next post to understand why.

It is a great time to make a living off something you love or do well now more than ever.

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