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Keyword research turns your message from random to a direct hit. Here is how!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was spent with the ones you hold dear and GREAT FOOD!


As I take full advantage of this after the holiday pause, I decided to craft a video on MESSAGING for your brand. I say this often because I hope by repeating it, your will begin to adapt to the idea that marketing is not SELLING.




Crafting your message and placing it where a highly relevant audience may be looking is key to growing your business. Becoming skilled at it is possible with a little effort and training.


If you are a local service or business with limited bandwidth to spend on messaging for your brand, you should use Google Business Profile.


Right now, those searching for gifting ideas are ripe to connect with, perhaps even looking for new ideas, businesses, and products. Your messaging can be something other than a roll of the dice when you learn to harvest the data freely provided to you inside your Google Business Profile.


Here is how.