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Social Media Marketing


I help business owners and entrepreneurs locate and communicate with their most relevant audiences. I do this by providing customized data-driven strategies via online tutorials, videos, and one to one consulting.


My daily marketing activities afford me time to test drive all the new tools and tips that come onto the platforms ensuring the ones I share via tutorials online or one to one are genuinely user friendly and achievable. 


I am happy to share a free tool today called Keyword Surfer. This extension for the Chrome browser replaced my previous free tool named Keyword Anywhere, which is no longer FREE to use.


At its core, marketing is a way to carry your value point message to a relevant audience. The more successfully you can do this, the higher return on your investment. Free tools imply the investment is your time. 


I recommend taking some time to use Keyword Surfer inside Google Search to identify search trends and topics for your industry. Performing the research before investing resources can identify real demand as well as identify areas where demand has diminished. Trends in search equate to trends in the market.

Work with me by the hour to overcome obstacles in your marketing or signup to have me on board once a week to direct and perfect your marketing.


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