All Media Internet Marketing Strategies – Bainbridge Island

Data Metrics should drive every decision you make on every level of your business

#1 Know your numbers

Today, a business has access to unique and powerful tools to learn, grow, and thrive. No successful enterprise scales without mining its data for fact-based decision-making.
Google Analytics is a free website analytics service offered by Google that gives you insights into how users find and use your website. Without Google Analytics, how else could you track the success of your online marketing? Understanding your visitor’s behavior on your website is key to improving your return on investment (ROI).
Google offers a wide range of insight on every visitor’s behavior as well as their location, age, gender, length of visit, time of day, and what type of device they used to access your website. Imagine how invaluable this information can be when planning content, publishing frequency and delivering your message to a highly relevant audience. (Buyer Profile – to understand your Target Audience)

#2 Get help installing Google Analytics on your website

Google Analytics is free to use but requires you have ownership access to your current website to be able to install the tracking code. Websites tools such as Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, or other (RENTAL) websites do NOT offer users intimate access to install this fundamental tool. Instead, they provide an in-house version of data curated by them. CONSIDER YOUR SOURCE.

Critical business decisions have to be made on almost a daily basis. Data collection is the only tangible way to know if a decision was correct and can help you adjust your practices in the future. And what better way to analyze your business decisions than to set goals before collecting data? Having measurable data to analyze, specific to your industry, will help you determine whether your goals were reached. Data will make your efforts Predictable and Repeatable.

#3 Data access levels the playing field

Morgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank is currently revitalizing Detroit using big data.
“So it’s not the money, and this is a very important thing. It is about the data that the bank collects and crunches every day, more information about business and consumers than the government collects. We use big data and artificial intelligence in running our businesses around the world for risk and credit and marketing. So here, we actually have huge data, too, about how people spend their money.” Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

At All Media, we start every day by mining the data found at Google Analytics WE SUGGEST YOU ADOPT THIS REWARDING RITUAL TOO!