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Google Business Profile - The modern interactive phone book

For those old enough to remember the days when phone books existed, you may also remember that every business was granted a free white page listing alphabetically stating your business name (usually pulled from your city license), your street address, and your phone number.

Knowing the phonebook was the first point of contact between consumers and businesses, we all wanted to be sure we showed up there. As a revenue builder, the phonebook publisher annually sent representatives to your place of business to sell us an upgraded listing known as the yellow pages. Here for a fee, you could claim up to a full page to display images and additional information, including offers to entice the consumers to pick you over the competition.

Today you would be hard-pressed to find a  phone book. I have one I save for speaking engagements. People generally laugh that it still exists. Consumers have transitioned to “Googling” what they seek. Knowing the competitive nature of showing up first in search returns, we have been trained to select from those who appear atop returns.

Today that listing upgraded listing still exists and is currently free of charge. However, without the representative visiting us, many businesses fail to pick up on the power of that listing, much less how to claim and use it as a marketing tool for our business.

Known today as Google My Business Profile, the listing has more free tools and visibility than any location in Google search returns. A Google Business Profile is often referred to as a zero-click return. It appears top of the search returns without competing because Google drops it from the top and pushes everything else below it. No website, no matter how successful, can push past a Google My Business Profile.

Whenever I first connect with a potential client, I want to get my hands on their Google Business Profile to review the data. Google insights data in that account will tell their search return story regardless of their activity. 

I cannot over-emphasize the value of a Google Business Profile to a local business or service provider. As a retained marketer, I begin most days by reviewing the insights data in each client’s Google Business Profile. Google My Business Profile training is so important if you can only commit to one marketing strategy, it should be Google My Business.

 You will find an abundance of videos and posts on this free tool as my way of expressing just how powerful the profile can be at driving customers to your location.

I am sharing a marketing in real-life video here for you to see how I start most days reading the insights data taking me from guessing to knowing.