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Remember That Time When I Said Make Sure Your Content Was Up To Par?

Well guess what you are late! Welcome “Quality Update”

That’s right kids Google slipped in another update earlier this month. Some of the sites I watch have been dipping this month and I have been puzzling why. But I chocked it up to not being to active or changing site content around or not BLOGGING!!!!

Those still might be true but the fact of the matter is Google changed the how quality is assed in site rankings. So now that it’s out in the world sites are getting hit by it some of them pretty hard. Google is pretty vague about this quality update but in a nut shell they changed the core ranking algorithm in terms of how it process quality signals.

I know you’re asking what in hell does that mean?

Well remember our friendly Panda’s and Penguin’s that came through and kicked the crap out of your site? It’s like that but gentler. It still packs a punch but some of you are sliding back to the Panda numbers pretty quickly and do I have to remind you on how much of a pain in butt that was.

So there are two articles that you need to get snuggled up with pretty quickly. Both of these are posts done by Google themselves so learn them and breath them because I have been preaching them for a while now. The first article is made up for the Panda spanking you can read it here. The second covers quality in brief post.

If you are confused or need help understanding these two please email me. There are no stupid questions, if you don’t know or understand something get the knowledge it works better than doing nothing.

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