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The Hacking of Your WordPress Site!

Good morning everyone. Yep, I am back to the blogging scene. The practice what I preach thing, it’s been a very busy time for me and I just had to step away for a moment. During that time I have had to deal with some very interesting hacking operations. Since December, I have had to fix 7 sites that were hacked. Only one was hacked that you didn’t need to bleach your eyes. That means 6 sites had content that was NOT suitable for most audiences.

Isn’t WordPress Secure?

WordPress is very secure if it’s updated and you stay on top of security fixes. Yes, I know I say don’t push the button if you see it. That is because just like your computer it’s software and sometimes things don’t mix well and you just need to wait for a couple of days to see if there are any issues. Plus if you have some custom aspects to your site it could erase it and before you do an update you need to back up your site up. Technology is not stable all of the time so you need to make sure your site is safe.

Why Hack My Site?

Anti hacking camera keeping an eye outThe hackers need to practice, practice makes perfect in hacking. It does not matter if you don’t store customer information on your site they have no issues hacking your site. I have to fix sites from hair salons to healthy eating. They don’t care; they want to get in somewhere to put their malware so they can branch out or infect other sites or computers. Then they can get info from somewhere else. Remember the credit card hackings, sure you do because it’s still going on, we all had to get new cards.
More than likely most of these great people started off with little websites. All software has a backdoor in it or an unintended gap in the security which lets these people in. That is just the way it is. Just like your anti-virus on your computer it gets updated it needs to because these people find new ways to cause their crap.

How do I prevent this Hacking?

First, convert to WordPress. Huh, sounds like I am recruiting to a cult. You get a great hair cut. Anyway, not only will WordPress lock down your site better but you can get better SEO tools. You want that. I don’t care if you just market to a small group of people. Google will more than likely keep you in the index.
Next, you need to stay updated and backed up. Let’s face it nothing in this world is 100% except death and taxes. Good news we can help you with that. If you would like more info on that contact me and we can discuss that.

Well, I think this a good start for getting back into the WONDERFUL BLOGGING WORLD. Did you blog today? Why not?