All Media Internet Marketing Strategies – Bainbridge Island

Hello January 2023 areas to review on behalf of your brand as we begin the new year. (Run Time 10:23)

Here is some Monday Motivation to start the new year on a successful note. I went to work today, January 2, 2023, and here is what I did on behalf of my clients. I performed the tasks of reviewing all the platforms we contributed to on behalf of their brands. YOU SHOULD DO THIS TOO! Please do not set it and forget it. Social media pages allow you a chance to curate a very engaged group of relevant people for your brand.  Nothing says you are not alive and thriving like a broken link or a static page. Take the time to travel like a potential customer. Professional high-quality brands do the work to remove friction and frustration from the path of their valued customers.  I cover a few areas of note I see people often miss in this video. 

On a personal note, I reached out to my clients by Voicemail and text to offer a chance to meet and craft a plan for their goals in 2023. Nothing says you care like being here.