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How is your April looking? New Google Update maybe? – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

Ahhhh April, tulips are starting make their appearance, birds are more lively, spring smells and TAXES!! Hey, but I got some good news. Six days after your taxes are in the mail your web site might be getting hammered by Google, at least if people are looking at you on your phone. Doesn’t that make you want to jump for joy?

Google Update Announcement

That’s right kids your April just got a little bit gloomier. On April 21st Google will be rolling out a new algorithm that will go through all sites listed in their index and see who is mobile ready. If at that time your site is not mobile ready based on their tool, which is based here, you will not be showing up on your phone in a Google Search.

That is right people looking for your site on their phone sitting on the ferry or on the bus will not find your site. That means you could lose half of your audience in a day. There are other updates that coming out in the next couple of months that might also do that but this one is kind of a big one.

I know some of you are asking why are all these updates coming out? Well, they are trying to ensure their customer is getting what they are looking for and if your site is not working on their device they will show them someone’s that will. Welcome to the technology age. Bet you can’t wait for that flying car now huh?

Do I have an option to go Mobile Google?

Well yeah you do I guess, but why would you not want to be found by mobile users? Quick answer is that is a big fat “I WANT TO BE FOUND THERE”. Well don’t worry I can fix it for you. If you use their tool and you are not passing, it will tell you, drop me an email or fill out my form and we can go from there.

No it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg. It will be based off of how much the Powerball jackpot is the time I read the email. Kidding, sort of, well maybe. Hey I have dreams of retiring in Sweden and if I can’t win the Powerball that isn’t happening next year. That I am not kidding about.

Really it’s not an expensive fix and it’s a lot cheaper to do it now then when the roll out happens and half of your audience goes away. Am I right there? And the best part is that it will take about an hour for the fix to happen so that is the best part.