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If you agree that Marketing is the business of building trust-then read this post

Here is a fact I hold dear.

You cannot ask for the sale, the donation, the follow or the support unless you build trust.

Marketing is, therefore, the act of building trust.
This means the first time you show up on a person’s radar you are likely an unknown. This is known as a  “cold offer”. The biggest mistake I see clients make is to lead with a “BUY ME” as your first cold offer. You have not earned the right to ask for the sale.  In fact, some studies show:

 It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect.

Takeaway: Prospecting is hard and most of us hate it. But if you give up on a prospect after too few attempts, you are passing up a potential sale. Be persistent and determined. (source

Your job, if you should choose to accept it is to show up the first time with an offer designed to warm your audience into accepting your un-invited presence in their life.

Fortunately, today’s marketer has tools to make this act easy and free to do. So those 8 instances should cost relatively nothing to accomplish. Enter Social Media.
In particular, I will use Facebook as my example.
Free to set up a page for your business.
Free to invite people you already connect with to follow your page.
Free to post content (24/7).
Free data tools to gauge your progress allowing for unlimited A/B testing.

Fine, I have a page now what?

Let’s explore the three phases of an offer. 
1-Cold Offer. Think about it as, “people like me”. When apples to apples are equal. (Think realtors, mechanics, grocery stores. The consumer defaults to “who’s most like me”). Every brand or product has a target market, a buyers profile (earned understanding) of who it believes will want or desire their product or service. If you have not taken the time to explore this definition … now it the time.  Putting into play images, and ideas that will be warmly received by your target audience is step one towards moving that person from cold to the next phase which is a warmed audience. The cold offer is widely seen as feel-good posts, happy memes, positive sentiments, news they can use, stories they repeat to others. What we know is your likely going to need to do this 8-plus times before you can expect them to thaw to your brand. Facebook is made for this engagement. Time to rethink the silly posts you see and recognize them as what they are… an introduction.

2-A Warmed offer. You have asked them to opt in to follow you and they have excepted. The conversation can now be different. Here is where you start the process of a great offer. For free or at a significant discount you offer something of real value in exchange for their next level of commitment which is their contact info. Likely their email address. This act of moving a prospect from a warmed offer to your mailing list is the successful completion of the journey to build that relationship. You now have a fully invested follower who has taken the step to willingly allow you to speak directly to them 24/7. No further investment needs to be made to get them to commit. These people are often the beginning of your “Brand Ambassadors”. People who will likely come to you first when ready to take action. People who will likely refer you to their friends. These people have gifted you with a value point you cannot BUY.

3-Brand Ambassadors. Treat them like the gold that they are. You just took the time to build that relationship with effort. Your journey to connect with them, understand what value points they hold dear rewards you with not only confirmation that you understand your target audience but the opportunity to now ask for the sale. I hope I have made the point that you could not have purchased their support,  you had to earn it. Earned on a social media platform for free.

Need help in implementing this strategy for your particular business?
I offer training, support or services to help anyone successfully accomplish this journey to earn prospects and ambassadors.
Tory Smith Felkey