All Media Internet Marketing Strategies – Bainbridge Island

If your maketing is not working it is because your not doing it right. Learn how to deliver your message and drive people to your location. Attention & Visabilty doesn't ONLY mean ecommerce.

Run Time (16:32) Over the last decade, I have had enough opportunity and access to provide real-life case studies for my website visitors.  I embrace video as my teaching tool because it is free, and I find it easy to demonstrate by sharing examples from my day-to-day real like activities. I selected this post out of a Small Business Group discussion to share with my audience to demonstrate how a professional marketing consultant would determine and tackle issues facing all local and small businesses, and that is how to evaluate the success of their current marketing plan. Marketing is not selling; Marketing is messaging. Everyone is entitled to claim and use the tools I highlight in my training, yet most of you don’t take the time to step up and claim that access to bring attention to your brands. 

The magic is not in the tools. The magic comes from understanding how to use the tools to place your unique value in front of those looking. Data shows that 70% of us will be using our cell phones to satisfy our curiosity and explore the market for items we what need or are delighted to learn about.  That same 70% of explorers will then ask the Google Advisor search engine, “Is it in stock near me?”  

I believe there has never been a better time to make a living out of something you are passionate about. The three steps to success I use for my clients are yours to train on and learn to execute successfully. 

If I am honest, sometimes I feel like the most shunned person on my island because y messages frequently are met with I don’t have time or bandwidth to do those things, and even when I do, they don’t deliver results. By publishing this video, I hope you can see that you are doing it wrong. 

I aim to post at least 200 snippets this next calendar year so you can frequently visit for context and understanding. You can learn to do it right, or you can hire it out but do yourself a favor and at least invest in attaining a working understanding of what you are paying for and how to evaluate your success.