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Why is it important to update WordPress? – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

The most common question I have to field has to do with updates and why they are important.

This is a very valid question, and in the recent months is really starting to drive the fact home. So I think I need to share on why it’s extremely important to make sure your site is updated.

For over a year now, there have been many news stories about security breaches hitting major companies and different online platforms. From online gaming to cloud storage, nothing seems safe anymore. But we at All Media are not off the target list from these types of attacks; a few months back one of our clients received an email from GoDaddy stating that their site failed a security sweep. I had to check with them and to do my own sweep, and sure enough this tiny site that does not sell anything, store anything about clients nor has anything but images on their site had been hijacked. If I did not go through the steps of basically overhauling the site, their site would have been redirected to a completely different site that would have upset their clients.

Though it is not all bad news. With the recent problems going on, there are new security features being implemented with everything from your browser, hosting companies, cloud software to even your Smartphone. Nobody can take security lightly anymore. It doesn’t matter if your site is just a brochure, or if you have a shopping cart. You paid money for it, so why not protect it, since it is your brand.

With nearly 20% of the web running WordPress platforms, it is a very popular target for hackers to try and crack your site. With the changing ways of hackers, security updates are always coming out for the core (the main setup of your site), to the plug-ins that your site are running. Is it going to make it 100% secure? Unfortunately not. But if your site is hosted on one of the big hosting companies like GoDaddy, they are always updating their security to give your site an extra layer.

In last three months there have been at least four security updates and a major core update, and if you have not talked to me about updating your site, then it is more than likely you are not as secure as your site should be. If you have a shopping cart on your site it is imperative that your site is as secure as possible. Even though your payment gateway will take care of some the security for any stored data, your site will keep some info that you don’t want to get in the wrong hands to give hackers an extra step.

So let’s start the new year right and get your site locked down to keep your content secure. Because no one wants to start the new year off with an email saying you site has been compromised.