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Use Gmail scheduling to send your publish ready Reels content to your phone! (Runtime 4:12)

I Published a blog post on December 24, 2022, encouraging you to explore and use templates for crafting Reels. Not just your Instagram Reels, in case you were not aware, Facebook has fully embraced Reels as well. 


Unlike Instagram, Facebook has tools to schedule Reels via their native planner. Hard to believe that as the owner of Instagram, Facebook developers have yet to offer a way to do this on that platform. As your content is the only product they have, one would think it a top priority to save you time and support your goal of being consistent on behalf of your brand or client.


In that blog post, I promised to share the free tool I use to easily send my ready-to-publish Reels and supporting text to myself to ensure I don’t forget. 


In this short video, I show you how to use Gmail’s scheduling tool to craft an email to yourself and send your fully ready Reel and content to your inbox. 


You’re welcome! 


I have read hacks where people put it on their calendar as a reminder, but that still requires you to go and then compile the content for posting. This way, the ready-for-publishing content, and Reel arrive in the email. Simply download the video, copy the text, open Instagram, and publish! Never miss a date again!


If you haven’t already scheduled that Reel inside your Facebook Planner, you can easily switch apps and publish that Reel and content there.


Why should you be crafting and Publishing Reels on Instagram and Facebook right now?


Reels (vertical – mobile-ready) in short format are the current fixation. Facebook and Instagram reward your Reels with free organic visibility, Unlike posts, your Reels will be shown to everyone, not just your followers. That type of free organic reach has yet to happen since the early days of social media. 


Be careful when it comes to music (audio) selection. Both platforms can be strict and even unfair when stripping out your audio. If you feel extra creative using your original audio tracks could bring you even more attention and help extend your Reels reach. Short-form Reels are the top property, so you only need a few seconds of audio to accompany your creations; why not try?


A final note about using templates to shorten the time needed to craft something AMAZING! I use CapCut frequently to overcome the “blank page” time suck. CapCut has an option upon export without the Tiktok watermark, which you should do if you intend to share your Reels on Facebook and Instagram. Leave the watermark, and both platforms will drop your content to the bottom.