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Integrate Mailchimp & Facebook – FREE Tools for starting and building your list (video 01/04)

Integrating a customer retention tool such as Mailchimp to begin or to grow a mailing list is one free and powerful way to build your brand. In this four-part video story, I touch on two ways to integrate Mailchimp to save time, start or grow your list, and gain additional returns on your Facebook page investment.

Each of my Facebook video stories ideas come straight out of real-life marketing moments with my current list of students and clients. I test the concepts and tools so I can share them with you. If you would like support with the successful execution of a tool or strategy, please reach out for support. The All Media Team is here to provide a highly personalized solution via one to one training session in person or via zoom as well as recorded solutions videos you can buy to resolve current roadblocks.

Tory Felkey
Educator, Marketing Advisor