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Blogging is a powerful medium that you can harness to help grow your online business. This tool will help increase your brand awareness and credibility and also generate more leads and a loyal online following. Plus if you incorporate this with a strong and correct social marketing campaign, well I think you will like the results.

Now I know what you are saying or I should say calling me right now, that is not nice by the way, but it’s getting clearer that I am right that you are not blogging enough. Don’t panic I am not blogging enough either. So we can all go and learn from this and make some changes so that we can turn the numbers in favor.

First rule: You heard it before, at least 2 twice a week. The proof is in the pudding the more you blog the happier that little spider crawling your site is. Plus your pages go up faster in ranking as well.

Second rule: Have a clear topic. Keyword planning is where this comes into factor if your topic is around your keyword then it should not be hard to make sure the topic is around your industry. So if you own a car shop blogging about puppies is not going to cut it. Be on point and stay in your industry. Shouldn’t be too hard right, oh don’t forget to not just have keyword in your post more than 5 times there about. This isn’t your high school term paper and cramming one word in every other sentence won’t count here. What? Am I the only one that did that?

Third rule: Talk to your people, make them feel like they are part of the conversation. If you are talking to them they will be more apt to share, talk or even come back to the site. The more times they come back could mean money in your pocket. Oh, now I have your attention. And who doesn’t like hearing a customer talk about that blog post on your site and I felt part of it. Hey, it could happen try it.

Fourth rule: Incorporate your blog posts in to your social media campaigns. If you Tweet or Facebook post “Hey come read my new blog post about my new product” people that are following you might just go there read and then buy it. Then they might send that blog post to their friends on their Twitter or Facebook and then in turn they might buy it. See blogging is fun now huh.

Fifth rule: Now for the Fourth rule to work all the way through you have to have a call to action. What is that? A link to the product or where ever you want them to go to purchase said item. If they don’t have some place to go to get it or a clear way to get it they will go away. And that is when the bounce rate goes up and my hair starts turning grey. Ok more grey.

Now the final rule and probably the more troublesome to pin point, have a blogging schedule with the work from your analytics and me we can find the best time for you to publish your blog posts. Now I know some of you are worried that it might be at 4 am but don’t worry there is a schedule module to set that up. If you get your blog posts out in front of your clients at the right time they will be more likely to share your info with their friends via social avenues or word of mouth. This in turn will grow your numbers in your store and in SEO rankings.

So what did we learn today? Well some of you don’t like me, and have dirty mouths, but the main thing is we now know that working with me and setting up a blogging schedule and keyword planning are things we all need to work on. It’s going to take time but I promise you it will work out in your favor. Stop that! It will.

If you have questions about keyword planning and your site or when should you plan your blogging schedule drop me an email here or you can ask Tory here.

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