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On Friday August 23, 2013 Bainbridge Island was presented with the eCity award which is pretty outstanding for a community built mostly of small businesses, it was even sweeter for us at All Media Internet Marketing when Bon Bon Candies was selected to have the presentation. All Media Internet Marketing has worked with many businesses around the Island and around the sound but Bon Bon was a unique case for us. A brick and mortar store with a well known name locally and decent following off of the island due to a Facebook page and an existing web site. We worked with Lisa on a new look for the site with a new online shopping cart and some extensive SEO work. We watched Bon Bon Candies traffic increase dramatically.

Nothnagle, one of several Google representatives at Friday’s award ceremony, said the choice of venue was an example of Bainbridge’s exceptional online presence.

“We found Bon Bon online,” Nothnagle said as she explained the reasons the boutique confectionary was chosen to host the presentation.

She also noted their particularly effective online ordering system and shipping methods.

“They ship fudge to almost every state in the country,” Nothnagle said.

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Now as of the time of this event Bon Bon Candies had visitors to her site from 49 of the 50 states, we are happy to say now all 50 states are now sharing Bon Bon Candies name. This will show you that with the correct online presence that fits your business you can reach out and find more customers than you realize.

In the last five years, with help from those online sales, Dunlap’s business has grown 300 percent. Now, the candy shop owner, along with a number of other local businesses are basking in their internet success – recently learning that Bainbridge Island is one of the country’s strongest online business communities, according to Google.

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All Media Internet Marketing can’t promise you the growth of what Lisa has experienced with Bon Bon Candies. But we can make sure that your online presence will work for you and get you the best return possible.

If you have an existing web site or looking to set up one feel free to contact Tory or Eric to see how we can help you out. Congratulations once again to Lisa and the staff of Bon Bon Candies and all of the other business on Winslow Way it’s nice to see small business get some well deserved recognition. Don’t forget to visit Bon Bon Candies to get some of that delicious fudge.