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It’s Mobilegeddon Google Pushed the update button. – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

That’s right kids the day has come where some of you just lost 50% of your web traffic. If you have not used Google’s tester to see if your good to go click on this link here. I have actually heard some people say that is not my target audience. Target audience should only coming out of your mouth to refer to your PPC (pay per click) or Social Media Ad campaigns.

Most web sites have a 50/50 split since the smart phone and tablets have been a huge market over the last few years and it’s just getting bigger. And Google just replaced you with your computation on those search results used on smart devices. Also Google is the top 2/3 of US search traffic and about 90% of Europe, so you just lost out on a bunch of traffic today.

The Good Google News

This update is going to take a “week” I put it in quotes because it’s a maybe. So you might have a day or two to get back in mix of things. Maybe. Most designers have a few different template frameworks that they work with and can customize so it might go quick for you. For example I have a framework that I built when Google announced ‘Mobilegeddon’ on Feb 26. For most it’s a couple of hours for the switch, others it might take a day. And if that is the case you waited to long.

I have been screaming it for awhile now. And it’s been all over the news local and national so if you have not heard about it then Hi test your site now here.

The Bad Google News

I have heard rumblings there is another update in the mix as well. What is it? I don’t know, but it’s so crucial to stay on top of your analytics and keep updating your content and making sure your SEO is up to par. Well, how do I do that Eric? Umm try blogging your ARSE off! Oh relax, it’s not the first time I used a naughty word and it won’t be the last. But if you are not blogging or keeping update to date on your social marketing then you are hurting yourself and making me repeat myself. BLOG TWICE A WEEK!!! Facebook something, tweet anything and pin everything be active is what I am saying people.

Eric Mobilegeddon got me, I think.

Well check your site again here. Then click here to email me your URL and tell me you failed. Stop the waterworks it’s time to act not cry. I can fix this. We don’t have time for the tissues and hot coco and Dr. Phil moment, Google doesn’t care about that. No you wont be paying an arm and leg for it, I have a set price for this fix just email me your URL so I can tell you how long and how much.

If you think I am kidding about your traffic taking a hit check your stats on Wed and let me know how that is working out for you.