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It’s Time To Increase Your Site Traffic!

It's Time To Increase Your Site Traffic! - All Media Internet Marketing StrategiesEveryone wants traffic on their site, real people traffic not the spam bots that drive up your Google Analytics numbers and leave you nice comments about Coach Bags or some new diet pill. There are easy ways to increase your site traffic but you will have to put a little elbow grease in it to make it work.  With these steps and a constant email and social campaign you will be driving more people to your site than you know what to do with.

The main thing is to blog, two posts a week minimum and those posts better be more than 400 words. Especially if you haven’t blogged in awhile (or ever) and blog about things relevant to your site. Stay on topic or that Panda mother will come down hard on you. I promise you that.

Increase Traffic to Your Site

  1. AdvertiseFacebook and Twitter are probably the best and fairly inexpensive (dare I say cheap) ways to put an ad up and the best part you can tailor it people that you know want to see your site. Plus you can tailor your ad anyway you want it. You should really contact Tory to hear the options you will be utterly surprised to find out the options and how damn easy it is.
  2. Get Social – If you are not on the Facebook and Twitter at the least start. Google cares if you are even if you don’t. Your kids can show you how to use them. #weareold. I am not ashamed that I had to ask one of those young punks a few things about Twitter and after I got them out from underneath the chair that I was sitting in for laughing they whipped the tears away and helped. Oh and use Hootsuite it’s free if you only do 3 social profiles (we use it for scheduling our send outs to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (yeah it’s still alive and seems to be getting better) to send out our blurbs about everything and blog posts) and link back to your site FOR THE LOVE OF CHICKEN WINGS. That is called a social referral for the score keepers at home.
  3. Headlines are key – Just like on the news sites the headlines will get them in. But you better be doing true headlines don’t do these fake lines to get people to read your post about something completely different you will get some bad trends on Twitter just ask a major news station about that about a certain sandwich place.
  4. Pay attention to your SEO – Yoast will hold your hand through the whole process. Seriously it will and if you need help through that I can help you to. Green lights on posts and pages are key at this time during the update time.
  5. Keyword research your topic – Research your keywords to posts and pages with Google Trends (I know I said I was doing a post on it but yeah personal life sucks sometimes) but it’s very easy to use so try it on your own to start and email me your questions I will help you out. But if your keywords are not what people are searching for then it’s pointless to put it out there.
  6. Go Get Referral Traffic – Link building is not dead and it’s actually one of the keys for Google Panda 4.2 to make your life hell or better. Get links to sites of people you know doing the same thing that won’t mind linking back to you. Even having your link in forms that relate to is not a bad idea as long as it is from you commenting in form. Free forms means free links to you and free advertising.
  7. Post your posts to Linkedin – This one I am bad at. Otherwise known as I need to do it to so why not all of us start together. People do share stuff on Linkedin (I know it was a shock to me as well) and it gets used a lot.
  8. Link to pages and posts – You can link to other pages on your site in your pages it will not harm your page rank or SEO score. Do the same thing with your posts, that way you can refer to other posts and keep people interested in what you are doing.
  9. Email Campaigns – Oh this so important, you need to start building a list. There are going to be times where people are going to be too busy to visit every site they like to keep informed but they have time to live in their email. So if they see you in their email with a new product, post, offer they will click on that email and get to your site. STOP POSTING THESE ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK. That is not what they are meant for. These are things for people that want to stay following your specials or your news. If people are hearing about new stuff about your store or site then they can sign up for your list to get the same offer. Just don’t spill it all over your social media it will not help you with Google or keeping people liking your site. I can see it in the Analytics and it is so not working.
  10. A Responsive site – Really? I need to say it again. Just read this.
  11. Speed Check – Oh those 50 pictures on that post and those 5 different slideshows in my header are so pretty. Yeah and site loads in 14 seconds and Google doesn’t like that. Your site needs to load in under 5 seconds end of story. Check your site here to find out. You can optimize your images all you want but nothing will kill traffic like a slow website.
  12. Make it a Community – Talk to your people, either in the comments (open them up on blog posts) and in your posts. You talk to them in your store talk to them in your posts. Make them feel real and not a dollar sign.
  13. Watch Your Numbers – If you are not doing that then you have no clue on what you are missing. Your numbers will tell you so much about everything about how you are doing on your site and what people like about it.
  14. Do you even video bro? – Well do you? I do? Not my face, but the pressure is building and I might have to do it soon (I will not be happy about it but I think there is beer involved so I’m In!). Get yourself a YouTube channel set up and get some video up. Did you know you can do that from your iPhone now. Yeah go figure, I have all 3 apps on mine now and I can edit it before I upload it straight to my channel. Go figure your smart phone will help you do that what will they think of next…….. hey they have a beer finding app.
  15. Find your competition and look at them – Why not? It doesn’t have to be all cold war style. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook, watch what they do, I said watch not copy, do see them linking back to their site with their blog posts (no I will not stop saying that). I follow people in my same area of expertise on Twitter and see how they do their stuff and see if it works or not and try out new things to see if they follow along. Great A/B testing if you ask me, plus you get to see if they are watching you, then you know they are worried about what you do. Am I thinking too much about that?
  16. Webinar it out there – Got a skill that you want to share with your users and customers to make it easier on them or to help them learn a trick with one of your products? You can set up a webinar to do that and use your email marketing to get them in there. Did you see the one stone two bird approach there? It does not take long to set up or do just ask Tory about it. And yes if you sign up for our email list we will be doing one soon as well.
  17. BLOGGING – NEW CONTENT WILL RAISE YOUR STOCK IN GOOGLE AND MORE CHANCES TO BE FOUND THERE. That is really the end of the story. It all comes down to numbers on Google if you are doing more content that is relevant to your site Google will put you up further in rankings. It’s that easy. Schedule a time to make posts all you need is two hours to make at least 3 or 4 posts. That’s two weeks’ worth of posts in two hours.

So there you have it, you follow these steps and increase your site traffic quickly. It needs to be consistent to stay there so this is not a onetime thing.