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Getting A Little Extra WordPress Help Here.

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Lets learn about the WordPress Dashboard.

We are going learn about the WordPress Dashboard but first we should know about WordPress in general.
WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system. Today WordPress is the web’s leading content management system that keeps evolving to bring you more plug-ins to add to your site to give you the edge on your competition.
This tutorial is more of an informational to tell you what you are looking at in the WordPress Dashboard. Depending on what you have going on with your WordPress web site shopping cart, open comments, pages, maybe other people helping you out with you site. Your Dashboard will tell you what has been happing with your site since you logged in.
So let’s get started….

First you will need to log in to the dashboard, you should have received your log in information from me already. This will consist of the log in link, user name and your password. If you do not have this please email me and I will get that sent out to you.

Wordpress Log In Screen

Once you log in you will be on the Dashboard page:

Wordpress Dashboard Screen

Like I said above this will have different boxes telling you about the different applications you have running on your web site. Once you have controll of your web site I will show you the different boxes on your site or you can always email me with your questions about them.

The Right Now box will show you what Posts, Pages, Categories and tags. It will also show the number comments that are on your site or waiting to be approved. The next item in this box will show you the name of your Theme or template and how many Widgets that are running on the side column of your live site. If it shows the Search Engines Blocked your site is either being tested or is not fully live yet. Having Search Engines Blocked is not a good idea so you will more than likely not see that statement. The last item is what version of WordPress you are using. We go a bit deeper into that in a moment.

Wordpress Dashboard Right Now Box

The Recent Comments box is the next item on the Dashboard. This will show the comments that are either waiting for your approval to be shown on the site or the most recent comments from repeat people with approved comments. If you are the admin email on site you will receive an email when there is a comment made on your site. This will also show the pingbacks that your local friendly spam bots have made a request to track a certain page. If they are from sites you have never heard from don’t do it. You might not like where your site will get posted or associated with.

Wordpress Dashboard Recent Comments Box

The next box is for Incoming Links, this box will tell you which blogs are linking back to your blog or site. If you have friends that have blogs having them link to your site and you link back to their site this way you can help your SEO and their SEO at the same time. But we can discuss other options later.

Wordpress Dashboard Incoming Links Box

This box is for WordPress’s Plugins News, this will show you which plugin is the most popular downloaded plugin. It will also show the newest plugin that is out on WordPress’s Plugin site. It’s always a good idea to know if there is anything new that might help out your site or if there is a new feature out there.

Wordpress Dashboard Plugins News Box

The QuickPress is exactly what it means. It’s a way to make a quick short and simple blog post. It’s not intended to be much but mainly for a quick little blurb about something that is going on or to help peak some interest in something going on with your business or site.

Wordpress Dashboard QuickPress Box

Recent Drafts box will show which pages or posts are saved in draft status. If you are just starting out on blogging or creating your pages I recommend not doing this. One if you are trying to hide pages from viewers you need another plugin to ensure that it stays that way. Also it can throw off the navigation of your web site and nobody likes sending an email to someone saying my web site is broken.

Wordpress Dashboard Recent Drafts Box

These last two boxes are just for news updates from about the WordPress project and upcoming updates for the WordPress core (the WordPress system you are running).

Wordpress Dashboard WordPress Blog and WordPress News Box

On the left hand side you will see the side panel of all the titles of the different parts of your web site.

Wordpress Sidebar

One thing we did not cover if you see there are updates that are needed DO NOT DO THEM. Email me to find out if you need to them. Sometimes updates will break something else or will just not work. We use the same plugins on multiple sites and I constantly test them in different configurations to make sure they work properly when updated. So please don’t update anything or you are running the risk of breaking your site. And that is bad.

So let’s go down the list and get a brief description of what they do, we will go in more detail in other tutorials about these options.

Dashboard – Did you forget what we just went over already?

Posts – This is where you will be creating your blog posts. We have a blog post about that.

Media – This is where you can upload your images you can use in your blog posts or pages.

Links – Links are a widget that is used in the sidebar of your site to link to other websites.

Pages – This will make a new page for your website, also when published it will add it to the navigation bar.

Comments – This will show the comments that are either live on your site or needing to be approved to show on your site.

Appearance – This is the code area for the look of your site. This is a NO GO area. All changes here require you to know PHP to change things. If it’s wrong code you get the Page Can Not Be Found Error. Those are the errors that make me lose the rest of my hair faster.

Plugins – This is the area that shows the Plugins (extra goodies) that are running on your site or ones that are currently turned off. Once again a look but don’t touch area.

Users – This will show the users that are on the site. There will be one that you all will see and that would be Me and you will also see yours that I created for you.

Tools – This will be some extra tools for you to back up your site or to operate a few plugins if needed.

Settings – This will house all of the settings that I set up during the installation of your site. Sounds like fun to touch those right? Nope not a good thing to mess with.

If you have any Questions you can always email me and I will answer any and all questions.