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Today we are going to go over what Page Rank and why it’s important to keep this in mind when you are blogging. Yes I said blogging, now is the time to get your blog out of the dirt and getting started in a blogging schedule. The bonus will be your site will look more creditable in the eyes of Google.

You can check your page rank here:

What is Page Rank?

Page rank is a ranking system from Google in which they grade your site in a point system from 1 to 10. Just like anything else in this world 1 is bad and 10 is awesome. This is all based off of your content, quality of content and backlinks. Backlinks are creditable web site’s that link back to your site. With a constant blog schedule with good content that is relevant to your niche and strong backing content on your static pages with creditable backlinks from other creditable sites.

Is page rank going to boost your traffic? No not really. But it does play in the way it’s ranked in a search return and if you have an inclining to do it will help you get the highest bid in Google Ad Words. We will go over all that in a later time. But if you have questions you can email me and we can go over it.

Improve Your Page Rank with the Following Tips:

Make sure your pages content are optimized with unique SEO

Now this is the part where people start hating me. This is where your blog comes into factor, yep this is my soap box moment so get ready for it. If you are blogging on a consistent basis (at least 2 times a week) and keeping with a theme of your site and utilizing relevant keywords and keeping positive backlinks to your site your page rank will increase. Which in turn keeps your site in the positive light with Google and your site ranks better in search results. Oh if you think that is too much to do, just wait till my next post because blogging guidelines have changed a bit and no you are to flip your lid. So start blogging. Also sharing your blog via social networks when the post goes live will also help.

Utilize Heading Tags with your Keywords

Not only will high quality content if you use your keyword density in moderation around 2% with length of content. If you use Heading Tags, those would be the H1, H2 and H3 tags will also boost your SEO score on the page. If you are using the plug in Yoast in your WordPress site then it will hold your hand through it.
Now if you are struggling to find a keyword to build your blog post on I would suggest using Google Trends. It will help you figure out other search terms around a keyword that you are thinking about. Also it will tell you how that phrase is doing either globally or in the US. I do have a tutorial coming up that will help you use it. So stay tuned.
Use of Backlinks

Alright now is the main focus of page rank. The best way of getting quality backlinks is Guest Blogging, oh there is that bad word again, if you find another site that wants you to supply a blog post to their site do it. When you do a Guest Blog you get to create a profile that you will be able to add your web site URL to show up on their site. People read that post and look at your profile and check your site out and what does that do? Umm that is a new visitor to your site and that makes for a positive backlink. Wow that easy. Do you know if you comment on a blog post on another site you can do the same thing with a profile? Can I make this easier? No.

How else can I boost my Page Rank?

Well if your webmaster have used Google Webmaster Tools and have used it correctly then you should be submitted and your site maps should be uploaded. If you are one of our sites, that has been done. If you don’t know I would check with them because if they have not done that then it’s past time to do that. Plus it should be linked to your Google Analytics so you can keep track of your traffic and find out what people are doing on your site.

Make sure your site is utilizing internal links between pages and blog posts. This way people can navigate to content without getting lost in your site. Making sure those links are correct and if you are linking out of your site make sure they work. Broken links will count against you quickly plus people will lose interest in your site.

Seems simple enough right? Good if you need help Tweet at me or email me and I will be glad to help.