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So we are going to go over how to blog and the steps to make sure you doing it correctly. First off we are going to discuss why it’s so important to blog. The days of I don’t have time to blog is no longer a valid excuse, I take care of a number of web sites, take care of troubleshooting everyone’s technical problems from emails, computer hardware, teaching SEO and how to do things in WordPress and I still have time to blog. It also helps that I am up at 4 am. But doing a blog post takes maybe 20 min to do the bare minimum of 300 words. Yes that also helps that I can type 70 wpm but that is just for show.

Doing 2 blog posts a day is not a difficult feat to accomplish. Seriously, it’s not. That is maybe an hour a week just to help boost your site. That helps gain new clients, people visiting your store, purchasing a service, telling more people about your store/site, sharing it on social networks do you see where I am going here. Google will pay more attention to your site if you are putting out relevant content that matches the message of your site. What does that mean in the end? Money. You know the thing that makes bills go away, gets your kids clothes and food, pays your employees and taxes, the thing that you never have enough of.

The major factor is though is the Page Rank of your site and how your site will show up in your site. Now there are some of you that seem to think that 300 words is too much. Well that is the bare minimum of what Yoast (your SEO plug in) wants to see. Google actually want more, how much more, try 1200 words. Yep that’s right Google want more words on pages and posts and in turn it will boost your page rank and search ranking. Starting to wish that you started awhile ago?

So Let’s Learn How To Blog

Set a Topic

You need a topic. Preferably one that is line with message of your site. So if your site is about growing flowers, then sticking to the growing flower area would be beneficial. If you start blogging about cars or space travel Google might just knock you down a peg or to.

Use of Categories and Tags

Categorizing and Tagging your blog posts will not only help Google rank your posts in relevant search terms, but will also help your readers navigate through your blog to help them get the information that they are looking for. For example to stick my flower theme (I don’t know why let’s just move on) if you have categories Roses, Tulips and Daisies and tags of red, purple, pink or flower care then Google will do it’s best to rank your posts in those areas. And if you are doing it on a consistent basis then your doing nothing but telling Google I know my stuff put me on the board.

Use Pictures

Yep people like pretty pictures, so putting a few pictures in your site THAT YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO, and correctly alt tag them with your keyword Google will gladly put that in the image search area. Plus people might just want to read your post if it has a picture or two.

I cannot stress enough you better have gotten the image from your camera or you have bought it off a site for stock images because that owner of the picture will come after you legally for that image you took off of Google especially if it rhymes with Betty and you use a G. They don’t care about you or your blog they care about money and you owe them.
Proper Keyword Usage

Now this is the spot where people struggle. So let’s take a second and go over this. If you right a blog post about “How To Grow Portland Roses“, the word Roses might be to genral and you might not get on the first page. The way to check that is to Google it and you can see what sights come up with it or you can go to Google Trends and see how it is trending and what other search terms are related to it. Also you could put in Portland Roses and compare how it trends against Roses. You can find a lot of information about your chosen topic and keyphrase you think it will show up in.

Now that you have figured out that Roses is too broad of a term and you go with Portland Roses how to use that key word in you post is extremely important and I cannot stress this enough but this goes site wide for pages and posts. It drives me absolutely insane when I get a phone call or an email saying I can’t figure out why my post/page is at a red light for my SEO and I go on there and the Keyword is crammed in the post/page 30 times for 50 words. That is called Keyword stuffing and Google will kick your site in the ass and unrank it. Just like if it finds plagiarized or duplicate content. I wouldn’t say it if I haven’t seen it.

The correct way to use your keyword or phrase is 2% – 1.5% or so for the extreme bare minimum of 300 words. Which is roughly 7 times, that is including heading tags. If you go over that it’s keyword stuffing. Now in a perfect world your post or page will be as close to 1200 words as you can get it and you can use it about 11 – 15 times. Like I said Yoast will hold your hand and tell you what is wrong. Then you need to use your Keyword in the Alt text of your images and also in the title of your post. Those don’t count against you in Yoast but it will be looking for it. Then you need to use it in your SEO description for the post, 2 times only.

I cannot stress this enough write more in your posts and pages so that you can get that keyword anchored in there more so that Google will pick up it up and rank it higher. And by no means does this mean use the same keyword for every page and post (seen it) it’s considered stuffing.

Share Your Blog

If you are not using 2 social networks then you need to start. The more people seeing your site on these the more they are shared and looked at by a new audience. Plus if more people start talking and sharing your information on social platforms then guess who likes that? Well yes I do but Google loves it and your SEO and Page Rank will reflect it. Yeah I know people need to get off those but still if basically free advertising at that point. Can you pass up free? Didn’t think so.

How often do I need to blog

Well I would like to see every day but I know you won’t do that so 2 times a week would appease me for a little bit. Did you know that you could put blog posts on a schedule to go live? I know crazy. So say on Sunday you find yourself some time and decide to blog you could schedule one to go live on Tuesday at 9 am and one on Friday at 10 am. Guess what that means, you don’t have to worry about blogging until next Sunday. Hey we still have 2 months until football what are you doing on a Sunday? Nothing like me.

Now I know I am going to hear I don’t have that much time or I don’t know what to write about. First off stop, I don’t need to work on another ulcer (it’s true I have one now and I don’t want another). I just solved your time issue now we need to work on how to get topics. Do you have funny customers? Do you have employee stories about customers? Do you have a new product? New counter top? Share your customer experiences, tell the story of employee, your products or services. It’s your business you should know what your clients and customers want to know about. You see me going off about blogging all the time right? See customer experiences (don’t use names) even though you know who you are.

Just write 2 posts about your business, you know more about than I do I just give you the platform to best get your message out there and the best tools to get your site ranked and above your rivals.

Seems simple enough right? Good if you need help Tweet at me or email me and I will be glad to help.