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3 Digital Marketing Strategies for explosive attention in 2023 - BIG Changes Ahead!

The Modern Merchant believes many of you are dying from a treatable affliction. You continue to operate and, worse, believe you are not a brand. Therefore you refuse to take the actionable steps to mobilize your brand power to meet searchers where they are—deciding instead to await their in-person presence before you engage. This means in real numbers that every seeker has a 70% chance of connecting with someone other than you. 70% loss of potential every day before you even open your door to the public. The Modern Merchant will lay out the three locations and the required commitment of your time in action steps that will predictably bring that 70% attention to you and your brand.

Marketing is not selling. Marketing is making an effort to craft and distribute your brand’s valuable messenger where searchers are likely to stumble upon it; for most of us, that will require a commitment to learning to go deep into one or more of these three locations.


  1. Google Business Profile
  2.  Facebook with Instagram scheduling
  3. Your own WordPress website

Join us: SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2023, 10 AM – 12 PM

Know how to grow in 2023 using Social Media & Podcasting

Location: Newlife Church CK Campus

This Event is Sponsored By Home Girls & Home Boys of

Kenda Moreno Cross Country Mortgage

Kenda Moreno, Branch Manager


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The Modern Merchant Team will present the facts around actionable strategies to take your business message reach from Absent to EMPOWERED!

The Modern Merchant Continuing Education for Entrepreneurs

Schedule for this Event
10-10:15 opening statement. Meet the team presenting today. 

Tory Felkey & Eric Swanson of Modern Merchant Continuing Education. 

10:20-10:30 Google Business Profile

10:30-10:40 Facebook with Schedule to Instagram
10:40-11:00 WordPress & Canva
11:00-11:15 Pocasting

11:15-12:00 Q&A**

** To ensure the Q&A goes to answering questions and supporting real effort from attendees, we encourage you to come to this event with the following free account opened and ready for progress.

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