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Now just wait a second! What the #$@% is a leap second? – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

First this is just a something I saw and thought was absolutely hilarious. It’s more of just an FYI. AND A HURRY TO BUILD YOUR BUNKERS!!!

Imagine the world without Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube whatever your pleasure is on the internet, imagine you go to log in to make a Tweet about your new sock board on Pinterest for your knitting club and trying to upload your video blog to YouTube and you see the dreaded 504 error server not found. You try again, same thing, well now you go to Facebook to rant about this, holy mosses same thing.

WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? Well first grab all the canned corn you can and get in your bunker because the next few hours are going to be rough.

Me well I might shed a tear over YouTube and sigh for Twitter, although I am starting to like it. Shhh don’t tell Tory that because she will make me do it more. But other than that I will go about my day eating my canned corn sunning myself waiting for the everything to turn back on or my cell phone to work again. Maybe I will take a nap. Huh that is an idea. Note to self June 30th take nap. Sweet.

What am I a rambling on about a leap second for?

Well my Facebook addicted friends, it is a real thing and on June 30th the tech world will hold their breath for the precious birth of the leap second. Oh Eric that isn’t real. Oh yes it is my friends it’s very real and it could ruin your day. In 2012 was the last time we had one of these little hiccups don’t you remember when you where trying to fly Qantas air and they had to do things on PAPER AND PEN. Oh you didn’t fly them. What about when you where trying to get to your Social Networks and they were down for a FULL HOUR, some of them where longer.

And there is actually a pretty long list of big sites and apps that went offline for a good chunk of time. I know you are saying so what it wasn’t my site. Well no, well I don’t know actually could have but I might have been sleeping when it happened as where you. But since the Tech world has grown since then it might not be farfetched of an idea. The sun can spit at us and some of our cell phones stop working for a bit. Anything can happen.

Our friends at Google has given everyone the fix though, well in 2005 they did. The fix didn’t work for some in 2012. So the fix is a line of code that will add a few milliseconds to servers though out the day that the leap second is to occur. If it adds it to fast well the servers will call foul and shut down which in turn would be pandemonium and people would actually have to talk face to face with other people. Sorry had to throw that in there.

So why do we need a leap second?

My first answer is probably the same as yours, I think we can go without a second. But some people that think way to much about this, the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, you want a fun bed time read Google them. They say that since the Earth’s rotation has slowed over time we are actually ahead in time. Yeah you though daylight savings was a pain in the (sorry children I will keep it clean) imagine the math and time for someone to sit around and figure that one out. But these people say we need this because if don’t in the year 3015, no that is right 3 0 1 5, the earth will be 16 min behind our time. HEY WATCH YOUR MOUTH! If I had to you do to. It’s only fair.

So since 1972 there have been only 25 of these events and this one is making the tech world pee their pants a bit. So hope that everyone does that fix right because if not my phone will be turned off if it’s working and I will be talking my nap. So mark Tuesday June 30 on calendar and make sure that you do all your Facebooking and Tweeties on June 29 because not only could you lose a second you could lose over an hour and be forced to human to human conversation in your bunker eating canned corn.

Let me know what other canned foods you are going to have and who you will have to talk to in the comments.