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Most of you have been told about the changes done to Google in the last part of 2014, with the changes to your site to make sure that Google didn’t punish your site due to those changes. Now we need to discuss the steps to make sure that you are creating content (ie: blog posts and page content) to satisfy the SEO qualifiers to ensure Google doesn’t come back at you.

In the past, I have been preaching the 300 word minimum for blog posts and page content. Some rolled their eyes, others laughed. Well, I am back on top of my soap box and banging my drum, because now it’s changed. That’s right, it’s no longer a 300 word minimum. But don’t rejoice yet because it’s going to get complicated really quickly. Oh yes, you now have time for that, and you really don’t have a choice in the matter.
With the changes to Google, it is highly important to keep creating new content on a regular basis. That means blogging. Seriously! If you do not put new content out on the web to feed the Google beast (shout out to #24) then you will start dropping in rankings which means you fall off the first page. Which means the person behind you will take your spot. Which means new clients are not looking at you they are looking at them and not you. Google’s changes are very precise and it is not playing when it crawls your site, if it sees that you are not following the rules or not putting new content out, it will drop your rankings right then and now. There is no slow drop, it is a very quick and dramatic drop.
So let’s go over the keys to get your blog posts in order. First you need to have a couple of images that are relevant to your post. One image will be for the featured image that is on the main blog page of your site. Then you will need one or two for the content of your site. One or two should be sufficient unless you are putting a slideshow in there one or two content images should be sufficient. Also make sure you have applied the SEO aspects to the images. If you are asking yourself “What is he talking about?” Click Here to get that done. Because you are not doing yourself any favors without doing that.

Next, have a clear message in your post. For example, this post is about blog posts, so the keyword/key phrase will be more than likely that. If your topic is clear it’s easier to find a keyword/key phrase which will make your SEO easier and quicker to perform. Now comes the fun part for you, the length of your blog post is key to how many times you can use your keyword in your post. For example if you keep your post to the 300 word minimum, you can only have it in your content 4-5 times, once in an article heading, once in the page title, and once in your Meta description. Besides your content, everything else should automatically happen, the content is what you need to worry about. Google will be happy if your keyword/key phrase is in your content between 2%-4% of your overall content. If it is more than that, Google will consider it keyword flooding and will punish your site due to that. The more content you have the more times you can push that keyword which will help your post be found.

So the new rules are, MORE THAN 300 WORDS, 2%-4% Keyword coverage, 2-3 images. And the last and most important rule, START BLOGGING!! There is always time to blog, you can write about a positive customer interaction, new products, your thoughts about business or about the ceiling tile that keeps attracting your eye. Just blog it will greatly increase your page count in search returns and image searches.

If you have comments post them below, have questions email me here.