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How to you value your time and money and resources? Return on Investment.

Now is the right time to run every endeavor through the judge and jury of RETURN ON INVESTMENT; it should drive your decision-making. All of us have limited time and resources, which is why I live and die by data tools. The three tools I believe we all will need to master are Google Search via Google My Business, A social platform, and a website. Understanding how to track your return is crucial when performing marketing activities, and each of these tools offers to provide you with intimate metric data reporting to support your goals. I teach clients to celebrate their wins and see them in every location. An ad today has the benefit of digital reporting on its success. The return on investment here is simple to calculate. However, most of us will be growing our brand using the free tools of content marketing. Creating content to connect, support, or entertain our current audience is a long term gameplan. On the internet, once published, our content becomes evergreen, able to communicate on behalf of our brands forever.

We all need to stop seeing marketing as separate from sales. Although marketing is relationship building and not actual sales, 9o% of purchases start online, where understanding the relationship your cultivating with your audience will pay a HUGE Return On Investment.

When you’re obsessed with the consumer and what they’re thinking, feeling, fearing, asking, searching, they naturally show you the direction you need to continue providing high-quality content that brings in relevant traffic. They indicate to you if your content isn’t resonating the right way.

Modern Marketing requires a great deal of finesse. Finesse and success take time and practice. I direct clients to evaluate where their most relevant audience resides online and invest in becoming a master of the opportunity afforded there. For most of us, the answer lies in a trifecta of Google Search via Google My Business, a social media community, and a website. Three locations because relationship building is different at each one of these locations.

The person using Google Search is likely in the process of doing the research that leads to a purchase. Often the right answer that shows up above the fold is the winner. Google My Business is a product of Google that drops from the top, unlike websites that fight competitors to make their way from the bottom. Data supports that local brands who take the time to build and maintain a robust Google My Business listing benefit from google search over their competitors. A full 40% of Google searches result in a local purchase from the vendor who shows up. Google My Business provides you with intimate data metrics for your efforts. Recording visits to your website, calls to your phone, engagements with your photos, videos, and posts—daily affirmations of your Return On Investment.

Social Media Communities offer a different Return on Investment. The community member found here is declaring upfront a warm audience opportunity by agreeing to follow you. Content here is likely to be designed for customer retention as well as new customer cultivation. Social Media success stems from sharing passions, expertise, knowledge, tips, and even discounts and purchasing opportunities with community members. Facebook, with over 2 Billion active users monthly, is likely to be the correct community to invest in for most of us. Although Facebook has taken a well-earned beating over its apparent lack of responsibility lately, its efforts to unite instead of the divide have paid off. Facebook Groups are on the rise. Publish your content on Facebook, and Facebook will happily tell you how many impressions, views, and click-throughs it received. Your Return On Investment can be measured by click-throughs, shares, comments, views, purchases, and signups.

The third and final location is a website. I categorically believe anyone investing in building a website should invest in a WordPress website, unlike the popular monthly “rental tools” on the current market, such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace. WordPress offers ownership, your ability to install tracking to understand your website’s performance, and through the use of addons, WordPress offers limitless expansion capabilities. WordPress provides the ability to back up your content to your cloud, preserving your hard-earned investment. The rental products do not allow ownership or backup of your investment. Stop paying or decide to move away, and you retain ZERO of your investment. That’s correct; your content, photos, video reviews, and conversations disappear.

WordPress currently runs 35 percent of all websites on the internet and has been downloaded over 7 million times. At All Media, we only build high-performance websites, and we only build them using WordPress. WordPress allows intimate access for installing tracking codes to generate Google Analytics reporting for daily Return On investment review. Through add-ons such as Rank, Brain WordPress works alongside you to suggest edits that improve your page and website authority. WordPress offers you tools such as tags, categories, alt text, meta descriptions that speak directly to Google designed to move you to trusted brand staus in Google search.

Ultimately the goal of all your activities in relationship building will be to offer your warm and thriving audience an opportunity to become a member of your mailing list, completing the ultimate Return On Investment by adding a member to your tribe. Once on your mailing list, you no longer need to expose yourself to shifts in the proprietary algorithms that exist at each of these locations online, which can cost you to experience reduced visibility.

One of the reasons why content marketing is so powerful in the first place is because it doesn’t rest alone in any one area. Except for paid ads, all content published for the internet can become evergreen allowing the material to be shared with emerging audiences and still return a warm audience year after year.

I started this post by saying Modern Marketing will require finesse and practice, but unlike marketing strategies of the past, these tools are mostly free to use. Big ad budgets often dominated marketing in the past, making it hard for the new or small to gain attention. Today we live in an attention economy; if you struggle with understanding how to find and cultivate the attention of your most relevant audience, we should talk! At All Media, we use metrics to create the right marketing to carry your message to a relevant audience.

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