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SEO Priorities in year 2016

SEO Priorities StraightHowdy! So now that you have your to-do list of SEO Practices today we are going to go over SEO Priorities. Yeppers, more stuffs to do for SEO in 2016. Tory and I have had many a conversations about the wonderful world of Google the past few months. They have made some BIG changes and they are so not done yet.

All three of your animal friends are going to be turning into beautiful thrones right in the….. this year. Not kidding, I have said it in person, on the phone, via email and even smoke signals. It was raining then so they got obscured. You need to read up on Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda. I know so cute but all 3 of them are becoming self aware. Just like Skynet these things can wreck your day.

So besides your content and blogging being your top SEO Priority, there are other SEO Priorities that you need to be doing. What was that? Why are you crying? It’s too hard! You don’t have time! Oh I didn’t see that it was easy in the self-employed handbook that was handed out or mine is outdated. For the time, better make some. That morning coffee tastes really good with a side order of blogging.

SEO Priorities for 2016 are:

  1. A solid structure, easy to use for your viewers and the code is clean and smooth. Have you tried WordPress it’s clean and solid.
  2. Relevant Content, your keywords match your pages and posts. Your domain matches your message.
  3. Internal Linking, link to other pages or blog posts on your site. This is very important make it easier for your customers to move around your site.
  4. Mobile Ready, if your site is not mobile ready (which will make my Viking blood boil) you are not showing up on mobile users search pages.
  5. Data Mark-Up, this relatively new but it’s a code structure around contact and peoples name.
  6. A regularly scheduled blog, show your viewers you are an authority with your product or brand. This will prove it to them.
  7. Thought leading content, you will love this, these are long blog posts, you know over the 2k mark, even how-to guides and whitepapers. Fun I know.
  8. Start a discussion, this can happen on your blog and social media.
  9. In bound links, I am so going to go over in real big detail, I have touched on it in Learn Something Radio but this so important you need to know who is linking back to you and block the ones that are bad. Penguin does not like crap links and it will crap on your site in a big way. That fix takes time to do so if you know you have people pointing to you that are garbage cut the cord.

There you have it in a nut shell. This with your to do list you should be setting yourself up for some good times this year. Remember, I SAID REMEMBER, this is not to be done just once and not touched you need to make sure that this is done constantly. This is a marathon not a sprint. Offense is key but defense wins the game. Is there any other sports references I can put in here. Any way get to it, like always comments and questions below. If you need help contact me here.