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People to People Marketing is here to Stay

I start this section by stating that those of you who hold dear to the notion that Social Media in all its forms is of no use to you or your business aspirations are declaring for the record that you are on the first step towards becoming extinct. You are declaring for all to hear that you are choosing to become irrelevant.

At the close of 2019, Americans as a society are trafficking seven online platforms in heavy rotation. Despite a long stretch of controversies over privacy, fake news, and censorship on social media, the trend of joining your “tribe” of choice is still happening in large numbers. Do you like data? Here is an ROI for you.

When consumers follow a brand on social media, 77% say they are more likely to buy from that brand over another. (Sprout Social 2019) The facts are
that referral traffic from your target audience will always be more productive, and successful than any form of paid advertising.
You cannot buy a referral YOU CAN ONLY EARN IT.

How many people discover brands on social media?
More than half (55%) of consumers of all ages say social media is one of the most typical ways they learn about brands or companies.

At All Media, we define Social Media as more than just Facebook and Twitter; we recognize Social Media as anywhere you can build a relationship. Sharing yourself, insights, industry knowledge, helpful tips, and answers via a social engagement platform can build you a loyal and ardent following. Knowing how to convert that following into consumers and even better advocates of your brand will require a plan. (AT ALL MEDIA, WE CREATE DATA-DRIVEN PLANS FOR OUR CLIENTS – use our contact form to connect now!)

Where do you start your Social Media Marketing?
Deciding which platform is right for your company and developing a strategy for engagement is critical. All Media can help you determine which of the top contenders is the right platform with the most relevant audience for your message.

People to People marketing is here to stay. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness and customer goodwill, generate leads or build your list, we can help you create a winning strategy. As with old marketing, testing and tracking are critical for long-term success. The beauty of Social Media is the opportunity for ongoing A/B testing at almost no cost!

After ten years of consulting, I challenge you to the idea that almost every business I review fails to understand how to harness the full power of Social Media when it comes to building a brand (REPUTATION).
Learning to harness the power of Social Media can jettison you to the top. But which platform holds the right audience for you?

Case study:
Wish, a startup gunning for Amazon and Alibaba spends a reported $100 million on Facebook ads, and that’s 90% of its advertising budget.
The company doubled its revenue to $1.9 billion. As of 2019, it is the third-biggest e-commerce marketplace in the United States by sales. In August 2019, Wish received a Series H funding round, led by equity firm General Atlantic, taking the company’s assets to $11.2 billion.

Today’s consumer launches online to spend time with and buy from the brands that have earned their attention and trust. The winning ROI is a successful use of Social Media to ensure your knowledge in the channel, and your reputation allows you to stay top of mind and easy to find once the consumer decides to buy.

How to approach new audiences within online communities is a marriage of metrics and marketing that, over time, strengthens the relationship between you and your customers and builds loyalty for your products and services that you could not produce elsewhere.
Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more than three billion people worldwide using social media every month, it’s no passing trend.

Customers are increasingly savvier and more discerning about which businesses they support. Before making a decision, they’ll do a quick search to browse your website and social media.

81% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing

Will they find an empty storefront or a rich source of information? Setting up robust profiles that you frequently update with relevant content will build your brand’s authority and make sure you make a positive first impression through social media, showing that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Look for ways to demonstrate your expertise as a thought leader in your industry—like writing pieces related to your knowledge or expanding on your company’s mission and showing what your business offers and values will establish confidence in potential customers.

Practice getting your tone right, whether casual and funny or formal and friendly. Be true to yourself, not who you think you should be. Followers want to see real people behind your social profiles. Please show them