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When I get distracted by the shiny thing, I listen to Seth Godin; you should too!

In the marketing channel, there are a few rockstars; top of mind would be Gary V., A man on a lifelong mission to own the Jets. He is blessed to spend his time doing something he loves that gets him out of bed and fired up. I like to believe, like myself, Gary’s superpower is intuition and insatiable curiosity. Gary V  shares content designed to get you doing, not thinking about doing. Suppose you are at a crossroads where overthinking has become your roadblock. In that case, I highly recommend you consume some Gary V.

If you get distracted by the shiny thing, I suggest you listen to or read Seth Godin. 

Whenever I need someone to speak to me about the simple immutable truths around persistence and working small, I listen to the soothing sounds of Seth Godin. We don’t need 32 thousand followers; we must do good work to serve our tribe. No one ever has to sell a solution. It sells itself. Do good work and solve a real problem, and your people will tell two people, and so on and so on.


Attempting to be everywhere on every platform dilutes our resources and diminishes our results. Marketing is messaging. Share your message in the most relevant location with your target audience. Rinse and repeat. Success leaves clues. Work backward from the results and do more of what works.

I consistently say there is no better time to be making a living than today. Mentorship and solid advice are among the abundant and free on YouTube.

Find Seth on Youtube:

Or even better, purchase one of his books.